Titanfall: Ogre Load Out for Last Titan Standing

Check out this Ogre load out to dominate at close range in Last Titan Standing!

The Ogre has the most survivability of all the Titans in Titanfall. It can take a bunch of hits, but it is not very fast and can't escape very well. It also has the lowest number of dashes in the game at 1. Luckily, you won't have to escape often because of the high durability the Ogre has.

This makes it great for close quarters combat. Its core ability is Shield Core, so you can last even longer when it becomes active. You unlock the Ogre by completing both sides of the campaign. For details, check out my basic customization guide. I'll go over using the Ogre's high defense to you advantage.

This guide will go over an optimal load out for Ogre in Last Titan Standing including:

  • Primary Weapon - What I chose, and why it is good.
  • Tactical Ability - What I chose, and why it is good.
  • Ordinance - What I chose, and why it is good.
  • Tier Kits - What I chose, and why it is good.
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Primary Weapon - Explosions!

The Triple Threat is a giant souped up grenade launcher. It excels at close range and clearing out corridors. It shoots 3 grenades horizontally when hip firing. They shoot vertically when zooming in.

  • Get close enough to hit enemies, but not too close so that you don't take damage.
  • Launch them when being pursued to give you some space while you recover.

This is great for Ogre, and this load out, because of the great close-range damage it does. Since Ogres take a lot of damage, they can afford to stay at the closer range needed to use this weapon to its full potential.

Tactical Ability - Play Catch with Missiles

The Vortex Shield is a very cool ability, but tricky to use at times. As long as you have it up, it blocks incoming projectiles. When you release it, it fires them in whichever direction you face.

  • The shield goes away after a short time, so don't wait too long.
  • Get close, then pull up the Vortex Shield. If you catch them off guard, they will attack and you can catch all their projectiles.
  • When using this at close range, be careful. Enemies can get close to punch you.

This is good because you will stay at close range often. The Particle Wall is not helpful at close range and Vortex Shield is more useful all around when using this load out.

Ordinance - Rocket Away

The Rocket Salvo fires a group of missiles in front of you. They don't lock-on, so you need to make sure they don't move out of the way.

  • Get close, then fire the Rocket Salvo. At close range, it won't miss them and they can't dodge it.
  • Fire at enemies that don't see you. Watch enemies. If they are fighting another Titan and stay in the same area, they are perfect targets for the Rocket Salvo.

This is great up close. It fits the Ogre, and this load out, perfectly. While you're punching or firing the Triple Threat, you can send a full Rocket Salvo at the enemy without missing.

Tier Kits - If I Go Down, I'm Taking you with Me!

Tier Kit 1

Go out with a bang with the Nuclear Ejection tier kit. When you eject from your Titan, it will cause a nuclear explosion after a short time. It will kill anything that is close enough and seriously damage anything on the edge of the explosion.

  • Get close when near death, then eject before the enemy can kill your pilot.
  • Try to corner the enemy. If they can't run, that's an automatic kill when you have to eject.

Another thing that is great for close range. Since you stay in melee range, you can use this to your advantage.

Tier 2 Kit

Big Punch is epic, especially as an ogre. This increases the damage of melee attacks and knocks them back very far. It is a little troublesome when used at the wrong places because you can knock them out of your range, then take unnecessary damage while getting back in range.

  • When people get close enough, punch them for high damage, then blast the Triple Threat as you get back in range.
  • Punch people who are using shields, then you can shoot them after.

Be careful because when you punch enemies and they become doomed, they will be too far away to stop the pilot from ejecting. Just be aware of this when finishing Titans this way.

If you have any questions, or suggestions for this load out, let me know in the comments. Visit Stryder load out guide or help with that Titan.

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