Titanfall: Stryder Load Out for Last Titan Standing

Want a good Stryder load out for Last Titan Standing? I got you covered!

The Stryder Titan has very high mobility. It moves fast, has the highest number of dashes at 3, and can weave in and out of battle better than any other Titan. They have a lower durability though, so don’t try to fight close range for long periods of time. In fact, try not to stay in sight of the enemy for long or you will go down quick.

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Last Titan Standing is very different from the other game modes because you only get one life and everyone starts in a Titan. When a team destroys all enemy Titans, the round is over. A team must win 4 rounds to win the match.

This guide will go over an optimal load out for Stryder in Last Titan Standing including:

  • Primary Weapon – What I chose, and why it is good.
  • Tactical Ability – What I chose, and why it is good.
  • Ordinance – What I chose, and why it is good.
  • Tier Kits – What I chose, and why it is good.

Primary Weapon – Maximum Charge

The Plasma Railgun is an extremely powerful gun, but it takes a long time to charge up. You can move while charging it, though it slows you down. This is why it is a great weapon to use for Stryder.

  • Charge the gun up fully, then blast a Titan for high damage.
  • Dash in and out of sight to avoid taking damage.
  • If you have to, you can fire it immediately, or at any time during the charge. This helps when you must move suddenly.

I like this on the Stryder because it does a lot of damage and you can avoid taking a lot of damage because of the speed and extra dash you get.

Tactical Ability – Block and Blast

The Particle Wall is great when coupled with the Plasma Railgun. Using this ability places a large shield in front of you. You can fire through it, but enemies attacks hit the shield.

  • This is great for hiding behind while charging up the Plasma Railgun. Plus, you don’t have to leave your spot.
  • Use this in a narrow area to complete block attacks for a short time.
  • When constantly attacked, the Particle Wall gets destroyed quickly. Always have an escape plan for when this happens.

This is good because you can quickly move in and out of the shield. This lets you take focus from you or the shield when you constantly change positions. This allows you to charge up one shot while being completely protected, or use hit and run tactics more effectively.

Ordinance – Lock and Load

The Multi-Target Missile System locks on multiple times as long as you hold down the ordinance button. You can lock-on multiple targets, or barrage a single Titan with every missile.

  • Lock-on a single enemy while charging up the Railgun for high burst damage.
  • Combine the two weapons while standing behind a Particle Wall for high damage and low danger.
  • When fighting multiple Titans, lock-on all of them to make them think twice about jumping you.

This is a powerful ordinance and very good when combined with the rest of this load out. You can also move while locking on, so it fits the Stryder well.

Tier Kits – Survival of the Fittest

Tier Kit 1

The first Tier Kit I chose was the Dash Quickcharger. As a Stryder, you’ll dash a lot and move often. This kit lets you dash more often, making you an even more slippery opponent.

Tier Kit 2

The second one I chose was Survivor. This is great for Last Titan Standing because you will last longer after being Doomed. This gives you more time to take down another Titan, or prepare your ejection.

That’s it for this load out. Check back for more Titan and Pilot load outs in the near future. If you have any questions, or suggestions, let me know in the comments!

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