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Balatro official key art with logo
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Top 15 Best Balatro Seeds to Win Games Faster

Here are the top 15 best Balatro seeds and strategies that will allow you to win games faster.

Games in Balatro can last as little as a few minutes and or as long as several hours. It all depends on your cards and strategies. In my list, I’ll provide you with the top 15 best Balatro seeds to win games faster due to the high concentration of Joker cards and powerful combos.

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Balatro: Top 15 Best Seeds List and Strategies

Seed: V14NKYRB

The first seed on my list is quite unusual, as you can skip the first Boss Blind to reveal such Joker cards as Blueprint, The Duo, and even Triboulet, which is a legendary Joker that allows your Kings and Queens to give X2 Mult when scored. To get the Triboulet, simply trigger the Soul Spectral card. After that, just discard all others for Kings and Queens full house wins.


Here’s one for those who want to achieve an infinite combo. Skip the first Small Blind for the Polychromes to unlock Bootstraps Joker, which grants +2 Mult for every $5 you have. Then, I’d get Sock and Buskin cards from the store, which retriggers all played face cards, and Triboulet from the Tarot Pack. With this combo, you can easily go infinite, constantly retriggering your face cards.

Seed: F3R1MIEF

Perkeo Joker is one of the rarest legendary cards in Balatro. This seed will give you one, which creates a Negative copy of a random consumable card at the end of the shop. You can also get a very early Blueprint Joker if you’re lucky, but I really recommend running this seed with the Ghost deck. In this case, you’ll have a better chance of getting one or even two Perkeo cards.

Playing a pair of Kings
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Seed: 7YRD3V1Q

When playing out this seed, I’d try to get the Mime Joker during Round One, as it retriggers all the abilities of the cards in your hand. Then, I recommend shopping for the Baron Joker, which allows all King cards in your hand to give X1.5 Mult. Finally, finish things off with the Perkeo card from the Ante 5 Boss shop, which has a Spectral Pack for you waiting.

Seed: 7M8CUZSS

This game plays out similarly to the previous one but with a few differences. First, start with Joker Stencil, which gives X1 Mult for each empty Joker slot. Then, you can see what’s happening inside the Spectral Pack. If you get the Supernova Joker, then the game’s almost done. This card adds the number of times a poker hand has been played to Mult.

Seed: X4WH84AX

If you’ve never heard of the Ride the Bus strategy, then it sure is time to learn about it. In this Balatro seed, you can get the Ride the Bus Joker on your first turn. This card gives +1 Mult per consecutive hand played without a scoring face card. This means that with the Blueprint Joker and a few other powerful cards, you can start an entire chain reaction, which can get you 40K in one hand and Level 7 Full House.

Seed: F73MTQ9K

This combo may not be as full-on as the previous one, but be sure to start with the Riff-Raff Joker, which creates two Common Jokers when Blind is selected. Then, use this to buff the Ceremonial Dagger Joker, which destroys Joker to the right and permanently adds double its sell value to this Mult when Blind is selected. As a result, I can easily upgrade my two-pair and Full House modifiers.

How to Get Cavendish Joker in Balatro
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Seed: JAW88FVA

Here’s something a bit different, as in this seed you get Joker cards that produce Tarot cards. In the very first shop, you can get the Vagabond Joker, which creates a Tarot card if your hand is played with $3 or less. Use this opportunity to buff your Fortune Teller card, which grants +1 Mult per each Tarot card used this run.


Let’s get the most out of those Mults! In the very first Boss Blind, I can open the Flower Pot card that grants X3 Mult if my hand has a scoring Diamond, Club, Heart, or Spade cards. But that’s not it, as in the Second Blind, I’m happy to unlock two more Spectral Packs, but this time with Aces. It’s not a bad start for a 4x Flower Pot run!

Seed: TDS26IP7

If you enjoyed playing the Tarot seed that I already mentioned above but want to push things in a different direction, then check out this seed. Here, you can open the Cartomancer Joker from the Mega Buffoon pack in Ante 2. This card creates a Tarot card when a Blind is selected. What this means is that you can now create two Tarot cards for every Blind and keep duplicating them after Big Blind DNA in the shop.

Seed: GT35NX76

Here’s the seed and the strategy for increasing your Ace of Spades Mults. At first, you’ll get the Ancient Joker card for your Ghost deck, which gives X1.5 Mult when scored for each played card with a Spade suit. But I must warn you that this will follow the suit change at the end of each round. But if you manage to unlock The Idol card, then you can easily get X2 Mult when the scored card changes every round for each played Ace of Spades.

Seed: Q94RIZCH

Early on, there’s a big chance to get Shoot the Moon card and add 13 Mult for each Queen held in hand. A few rounds later, if you’re lucky, you’ll have the Baron Joker show up, which gives X1.5 Mult for each King card held in hand. This strategy is very similar to the very first seed on my list with Blueprint, The Duo, and Triboulet.

Half Joker boost
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Seed: X7L42ZJW

Speaking of impressive hands, try this seed out for a Spectral Pack in the First Shop that gives none other than the legendary Yorick Joker card. It grants a whopping X5 Mult, but only after using 23 discards. The second Spectral Pack will give you Wraith, which generates a random Joker card.

Seed: JLCT43MX

If you like playing with Two Pair Mult decks, then follow through with this strategy. Start off with the Spare Trousers and gain +2 Mult if played hand contains a Two Pair. Then, play Supernova to add the number of times a poker hand has been played to Mult. In the end, use Luchador to disable the current Boss Blind.

Seed: XX2XZ8K4

Lastly, here’s the seed that offers lots of strong and rare Joker cards that appear earlier than usual in the game. For example, I spotted the Blueprint Joker right on the first turn, which copies the abilities of a Joker card to the right. Here, I also recommend skipping the first Boss Blind to reveal a free Spectral Pack. Then, simply use Wraith, which creates a random Joker card, and you’ve got yourself a quick winning strategy.

That’s it for my list of the top 15 best Balatro seeds to win games faster. Stay tuned for more Balatro tips and tricks articles, including a guide on how to use Obelisk & what it does.

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