Can't choose a weapon to use in Toukiden 2? Want to use them all? Our guide gives you the rundown for each weapon.

Toukiden 2 Weapons Guide

Can't choose a weapon to use in Toukiden 2? Want to use them all? Our guide gives you the rundown for each weapon.

Toukiden 2 is a game where you have to fight a lot of demons. Its not exactly a walk in the park. Thankfully for us the game offers a great selection of weapons.

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Now with the weapons available it’s hard to choose just one. So we’ll examine the benefits of each one and seeing them in action. You’ll find there’s 11 ways to deliver devastating damage to these demons.


The sword is the first weapon you’re armed with as you begin Toukiden 2. This weapon focuses purely on offensive and dispatching your foes.

Attacks and skills focus on delivering attacks that are fast. You’ll to also focus your energy to boost your base attack strength. More damage can be inflicted on demons as you can gouge them. With the right series of attacks enemies will be falling before you know it. The sword is a weapon you wield if you’re a fan of pure hacking and slashing.


This weapon doesn’t have much offensive output with a single strike. To make up for this, their the fastest weapons you can wield. Not only can you fight foes on land,  you also have considerable offense in the air as well. So flying enemies are child’s play to your small blades.

Unique to the knives is the Dash attack.  With the dash you deliver damage moving at speeds unlike any other weapon. This also serves as a great defensive measure to avoid damage while you attack. You can also execute a counter attack with the knives in a speedy fashion as well.


This weapon allows you the advantage to attack within mid-range. With the ability to attack from certain distance you’ll have the ability to avoid danger. You can control your range and engaging enemies in battle. The spear can also provide you crowd controlling abilities with crush attacks. You possess the ability to swing the spear surrounding the area. With rush attack you head move forward with a series of numerous attacks.

If you’re looking to chip away at a demon’s life from the mid ranged position, spear is the way to go.


Perhaps the slowest weapon you can wield in the game. At the same, it delivers some of the highest damage as well. As an added bonus, you posses the ability to set fire to foes. The added elemental damage, inflict additional damage over time as you attack. As a foe is set on fire you can deal greater damage on body parts. The  weapons as have some defensive capabilities.

You’re able to defend yourself while under attack. This provides you the chance to counterattack. However the defensive stance you can hold is useless to attack from the back. If you want to handle demons like a boxer than the gauntlets are for you.

Chain & Sickle

The chain and sickle has the capabilities to slash and crush demons. The best benefit is that you can attack from long distances.  Whether demons are on the ground or air they’re just would be targets for you. The chain and sickle allows you to clear distances to be able to leap on monsters. You can also charge your attacks and perform a whirlwind attack. This spin attack allows your slayer to attack multiple body parts at the same time.

The best feature of the weapon is perhaps using the counterweight. You can attack with the counterweight and at the same time leap back from danger. If being mobile and out of harms way is for you, then the chain & sickle is for you.


One of the best weapons to use from a far off distance. You can focus your attack to strike with a single powerful arrow. You can deliver more damage the longer you charge your shot. You can also attack  multiple times with quick nock. Quick nock allows you to launch multiple arrows at demons.

While sacrificing your ability to move you can make us of homing arrows. Homing arrows help you target specific body parts in battle. You can also attack with arrows that explode on contact. If you need protect yourself you can also use arrows to evade attacks as well. If you like to play the part of an archer than the bow is the way to go.


A heavy weapon with a wide area of attack  and damage output. Attacks take in consideration its length. Powerful strikes can be made with the right attack at the right time. As you land a series of powerful strikes, you will enter a hyper powered state. This rage mode boosts your attack speed and shortens the time to recharge.

The weight of the weapon doesn’t allow for quick moves. You can however stop your attack and counter you foe. The club is your go to weapon if you want to knock oni around.


This weapon is designed for attacking from a distance. It maybe similar to the spear but it has key differences. The weapon offers a fast attack that can still some real damage. When you land successive blows you can enter in a hyper skilled state as well.  In this state you can attack multiple body parts and with powerful blows.

The Naginata also allows you the opportunity to attack in the air. Your multiple series of attacks allow your slayer good distance when facing danger. The weapon also possess  an unique defensive move. You can dodge attacks while deflecting a demon’s attack. You want to attack from a distance with flair, the naginata is your weapon.


Arguably the best weapon for long range attack. As you aim your gun, you can see miasmal nodes. These are weak points on all oni, and attacking these points will deal extra  damage. You can use a plethora of bullets  as ammo. Each bullet inflicts different amounts of damage when used against different areas.

You also can throw grenades at foes. Of course, you can shoot these grenades and the explosion can any number of effects, depending on the bullet. Once you get the hang of this skill, you’ll have plenty of offensive choices. If you like to play part strategist and sniper than the rifle is your friend.

Sword & Shield 

New to the game is the the Sword & Shield weapon. The sword and shield offers the player a combination to provide a mix of offense and defense. With this weapon you can use stances; both the defensive and offensive. The stances provide you a set moves where you can adapt to situations accordingly. Unique to the weapon is  an assault gauge.

The assault gauge rises when you receive damage using your defensive stance. The gauge boosts your attack and depletes over time. The sword and shield is great for newcomers and versatile enough to handle anything.

Chain Whip

The Chain Whip provides your for fast maneuvers to take control of battle. The whip can be used in a series of attacks. You can attack by leaping backwards to stay safe. The best surprise is that you can use the kunai and cause an explosion. You can aim your kunai for a well aimed attack. With the weapon you can add more damage to body part pierced by the kunai.

With your kunai you can use the whip to pull yourself forward. So you can close the distance between foes in no time at all. Your kunai can also be used as as bombs that explode as you see fit.

Sure that’s a lot to take in when it comes to weapons. Thankfully, the game offers you plenty of opportunity to use them. Toukiden 2 is a game that ask you to be a weapon’s master. Even if don’t find a favorite you can always switch it up to diversify your weapons. Hopefully our guide helps you find the right demon slaying weapon.

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