Fishing is a fun, chilled-out activity in Tower of Fantasy. Here's how to do it.

Tower of Fantasy: How to Fish

Fishing is a fun, chilled-out activity in Tower of Fantasy. Here's how to do it.

Added in the 2.2 update to Tower of Fantasy, fishing is one of the latest minigames to the gacha game. While its rewards are almost all cosmetic, it’s nonetheless a fun grind outside the primary one. How to fish is simple, as is earning fishing reputation and currency. Expect to spend a lot of time fighting fish for the many upgrades available.

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How to Fish in Tower of Fantasy

Getting started with fishing is easy. Once in-game, open the main menu, select the Casual node, and then open the Fishing menu on the right.

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Your first order of business is buying a rod and some bait. Select the Store button on the left of the screen, then buy a No Luck green-rarity rod and a few dozen units of Crude Bait. You’re limited to 350 units of bait per day, so don’t buy it all at once.

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With rod and bait sorted, go to any body of water anywhere in Tower of Fantasy that has them — Asperia, the Artificial Island, Vera, the Confounding Abyss — you name it. You’ll see a fish icon on your minimap and large map, and in the world, there will be a shining blue circle on the water, indicating an area ready for fishing.

In the Fishing menu, select the fishing rod button at the bottom left to prepare, then move the lure into or immediately around the glowing circle. Place your lure anywhere else, and you’ll be unable to fish. Press the new fishing rod button in the bottom right of your screen to cast your line.

Fish will start swimming up to your lure, and once hooked, the minigame starts. A long blue bar will appear at the top of your screen, with a smaller orange bar inside. Your task is to keep your white marker (the smallest and brightest white bar that starts in the middle of the larger blue bar) within the orange bar until the fish’s Endurance is spent.

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Once a fish’s Endurance reaches zero, press the rod button at the bottom right again to catch it. Note that your fishing line has Endurance, starting at only 30 for the No Luck rod. Your line endurance is essentially a timer. It degrades one every second and snap when it reaches zero, ending the minigame.

What to Do with Fish in Tower of Fantasy

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There are two uses for fish you catch. The first is to take them to your apartment in Mirroria and display them in the aquarium. Be aware that only fish you’ve caught that day are transferable. If they’re in any of the other parts of your backpack, they’re too old to put in the aquarium.

You can also sell any fish you catch to sell for Fish Price currency, which, as you level up, you’ll use to buy better bait, better rods, and, once you have everything (a tall order considering the best items cost in the hundreds of thousands of currency units), upgrade materials.

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Fish prices fluctuate daily, and the Info screen shows which fish you should be hunting for, specifically the ones with an increased value. You can also see where to find each fish in the Info screen, with the ability to mark their locations on your HUD if you’re in their zone.

Catching a fish for the first time also unlocks it in the Gallery, and you can claim a small amount of Dark Crystal depending on the rarity of the fish. You’ll then use the gallery to learn which fish is where and how big your records were.

That’s about all there is to know about fishing in Tower of Fantasy. It’s not the most immediately rewarding part of the game, but it’s not meant to be, and it’s marked as “Casual” for a reason. Try fishing if you need a break from adventuring and want to chill out a little. For more guides on Tower of Fantasy, our guides hub has plenty.

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