Matrices are an important part of progression in Tower of Fantasy. Here's how to get an upgrade them.

Tower of Fantasy: How to Get and Upgrade Matrices

Matrices are an important part of progression in Tower of Fantasy. Here's how to get an upgrade them.

Beyond simply leveling up your character in Tower of Fantasy, your Weapons, Simulacra, equipment, and other gear also have upgrade paths that make you more powerful and add new functionalities to your setup.

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One of the more important progression paths is with your Matrices, Weapon augments that make armaments more powerful and provide additional abilities. Upgrading them is simple, but it can get expensive like anything else. Here’s how.

How to Get Matrices

There are five main sources of Matrices, three of which are entirely gameplay based.

  • Joint Operation: Depending on the activity’s difficulty, you can get up to SSR-rarity Matrices, which are the most powerful by far. You aren’t guaranteed the best stuff, and getting an SSR Matrix is exceedingly rare. Using a Joint supply chip increases your chances, but don’t expect any certainty.
  • Void Rifts: You only get three opportunities to complete Void Rifts every week, with a new token generating for you on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Your reward opportunities are up to SSR Matrices and Proof of Purchase currencies.
  • Chapter Seven Wanderer’s Log rewards: The Wanderer’s Log has plenty of juicy rewards as you progress. Completing all the challenges in Chapter 7 of the Log gives you four Pepper purple-rarity Matrices.
  • Choice Matrices and Reconstruction Banners: The primary gacha source of these augments is the Choice Matrices banner, which takes Proof of Purchase currency one at a time or in piles of 10. You’re guaranteed an SR Matrix every10 pulls and an SSR every 40. The Reconstruction limited event banner takes Special vouchers, available only with real money, but you have a chance at Nemesis Matrices, which is nice.
  • The Matrix Store: Every pull on the Choice Matrices banner awards Base chips, and you can spend 80 of them for an SSR Matrix or 16 for an SR one.

You might also find these items in Dr. Claire’s Dream Machine activities, but those are neither consistent nor easy to find.

How to Upgrade Matrices

Improving your Matrices is a little more straightforward than getting them. In the Weapon Screen, select Matrices and the Matrix you’d like to improve. Press “Develop” at the bottom right of the screen, then choose the data pack or packs you’ll use to give the experience. The higher the Matrix level, the more data packs it will take to level up.

How to Get Matrix Data Packs

  • Various Wanderer’s Log rewards: Always complete as many Wanderer’s Log tasks as possible because the rewards add up over time and include multiple rarities of Matrix upgrade materials.
  • Password chests type I, II, and III: Password chests almost always provide Matrix upgrade materials, with higher level ones giving more and better mats.
  • Mia’s Kitchen: Every time you get a snack from Mia, you’ll receive a green data pack. Do it whenever you can. It costs nothing, takes almost no time, and provides a buff and experience.
    Dimensional Trials: Most runs of Dimensional Trials give at least a few upgrade materials and won’t take you more than three minutes to complete. Plus, they only cost 30 Vitality, so you can complete up to six a day if you choose.
  • Omnium Beacon: While Omnium Beacons give you materials, we don’t recommend them, as other players can find your Beacon and take some of your rewards.
  • Training Point Store: Doing Tutorial missions can be monotonous, but if you want an infinite supply of data pack IIs for 60 Points each, that’s how you get them.

Those are all the ways you can get and upgrade Matrices. It’s not a complicated system in a game filled with complexity, but it does take time to collect the materials required. While you’re here, take a look at our other Tower of Fantasy guides, including how to level up fast, our Best Relics tier list, and the best gifts for each Simulacrum. Our guides hub has even more.

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