Get ready to grind if you're looking to get the Maglev Stalker in Tower of Fantasy. Here's where to find the enemies that drop it.

Tower of Fantasy: How to Get the Maglev Stalker

Get ready to grind if you're looking to get the Maglev Stalker in Tower of Fantasy. Here's where to find the enemies that drop it.

The Maglev Chaser is one of six “hidden” vehicles in Tower of Fantasy. Getting the components you need to make it isn’t easy, and the Maglev Stalker part is the harder of the two pieces to find. It’s a rare drop from a set of enemies scattered about the map. The odds of getting it are also low, so expect to be grinding for at least a while to get it.

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This Tower of Fantasy guide will show you the four locations and enemies you need to find to get the Maglev Stalker.

Maglev Stalker Part Location

To get the Maglev Stalker, you need to farm four world mini-bosses called the Vermin Brothers, Hyena faction enemies in large mech suits. The fights themselves are easy enough, but actually getting the Stalker to drop is anything but.

Each of the four mini-bosses has a very low chance of dropping the item, and once killed, they’re on a five-minute respawn timer. That’s usually enough time to defeat all of them and start over, but if you’re exceedingly efficient, expect to be waiting around a bit.

Where to find the Vermin Brothers

The Vermin Brothers are in Astra and Banges Strongholds called Rat’s Dens.

Astra Vermin Brother: Gamma Mouse Squeaky

The Rat’s Den Squeaky is in the southeastern portion of Astra Island. It’s the only large Stronghold by the coast. Gamma Mouse Squeaky will be on top of a platform on the eastern side of the camp.

Banges Vermin Brother 1: Delta Mouse Jed

The Rat’s Den where Vermin Brother Jed lives is in southwestern Banges along the coast road. If you approach from the east, you’ll see him and his mech resting against the largest building in the Stronghold, surrounded by his Hyena buddies.

Banges Vermin Brother 2: Alpha Mouse Mitch

The third Vermin Brother lives in the far northeast of Banges along the coast. The Stronghold is wide open and manned not only by Hyenas but also by a Treasure Guardian mech dog. There are many more enemies here, so expect a tougher fight. Make this the last stop on your circuit and, once you defeat Mitch, return to Astra to start the cycle again, assuming you didn’t get the Stalker.

Banges Vermin Brother 3: Beta Mouse Ben

Wandering about to the northeast of the Signal Station Ruins in northwestern Banges, Beta Mouse Ben is the only “wandering monster” of the bunch. From the Ruins Transmit point, head northeast until you hit the road, then walk around a bit northeast of the training node. You should see Ben soon enough.

Depending on your luck, you might not have to fight these four enemies more than a few times, but you also might spend hours going between them without any Maglev Stalker drops.

As far as we know, there’s no bad luck protection, so everything is up to RNG. Of course, luck is what gacha games like Tower of Fantasy are all about, so what else is new? Good luck farming for the Maglev Stalker parts! Find more guides and tips right here.

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