Add some summer fashion to your collection with this guide to acquiring the Seaside Vacation Outfit in Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy: How to Get the Seaside Vacation Outfit

Add some summer fashion to your collection with this guide to acquiring the Seaside Vacation Outfit in Tower of Fantasy.

The fashion game in Tower of Fantasy isn’t as robust as it is in some other MMOs, with your choice of outfit either pulling from a small pool of pre-built wardrobes or any of the SR and SSR Weapons or their Awakened state.

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You have much more control over your character’s features — body type, eyes, hair, etc. — than you do the clothes they wear. The developers seem to be aware of this shortcoming. They will be adding additional clothing options through limited events, one of which is the Seaside Vacation Outfit.

Where to Find the Seaside Vacation Outfit

The only way to get the Seaside Vacation Outfit is to participate in the Summer Seabreeze event from August 23 to August 30. You can access the event through a button at the bottom of the Rewards screen, where you can spend gachapon coins to pull for a number of upgrade materials, currencies, and cosmetic items, of which the Vacation Outfit is but one.

Don’t get your hopes up about getting the Outfit easily: it has a 0.12% chance of dropping per pull at the event gacha and shares that exceedingly low percentage with an Animal Hairpin, the Kitty Coast player Avatar, Salty Wave Avatar Frame, and Summer Stream chat bubble.

Over a dozen other items can come from the Summer Seabreeze gacha: Nuclei, Matrix Data Packs, Weapon Batteries, Gold, and more.

In a smidge of empathy from the team, once you pull an item from the gacha, the total number of items in the pool decreases by one. For instance, you can get up to three Red Nuclei from the Summer Seabreeze draw. If you do pull one, only two will remain available.

Therefore, it is possible to force your way to the Seaside Vacation Outfit by draining the rest of the event gacha stock. Emptying all the other items besides the Outfit will take time, though. Most common and uncommon items in the draw have 10 to 15 in reserve and are much easier to pull.

To take part in the draw, you need gachapon coins, which you get five of every day when you log in, provided you allow the daily reset of 5:00 AM EST to pass. Gachapon coins are also available for 100 Dark Crystals per single coin, so you can either play the game for them or pay real money for the Tanium you’ll then convert.

You can pull one or ten draws at a time, and if you don’t spend anything, you get thirty free chances at the Seaside Vacation Outfit. Unless you’ve some amazing luck, you’ll probably need more than that to get the new fashion. Whether you go for new cosmetics or not, there’s plenty else to do in Tower of Fantasy. We’ve covered some hotter topics, including how to get pro weapon boxes, a best heroes tier list, and how to break cracked walls. Our guides hub has even more.

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