Get the most bang for your Artificial Island upgrade material buck with our guide to the best farming routes.

Tower of Fantasy: The Best Artificial Island Upgrade Material Farming Route

Get the most bang for your Artificial Island upgrade material buck with our guide to the best farming routes.

One of the core systems new to the Artificial Island in Tower of Fantasy is the ability to build a customizable home base in a personal instance of the Island. To fully upgrade that base, you’ll need to farm for specific materials unique to the instanced version of the area.

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As the instance is a much smaller version of the Island and the materials drop from the enemies there, you’ll want to optimize your farming route so you can gather everything quickly and easily.

In this guide, we’ll cover the best upgrade farming material route so you can get your Artificial Island base up to par.

The Best Artificial Island Upgrade Material Farming Route in Tower of Fantasy

Before you can even enter the Build version of the Artificial Island, you must meet one of these requirements:

  • Reach level 60
  • Earn 800 Exploration Points on the main version of the Island

With either condition met, open the main menu and select the Build option in the top left. Once inside, Kalador will give you a brief tour; you’ll build your Development Center and Workshop and be on your way.

Your first task should be to open the instance’s version of the Dock Entrance Spacerift in the north, the Rusty Iron Camp Spacerift to the east, and the Puddled Lake Spacerift in the south.

You’ll be using all three for this farming method, and we’ll use them as reference points for this guide.

Dock Entrance Farming Route

Starting from the Dock Entrance Spacerift, turn southwest and clear the small camp, then take on an easier version of Robarg unique to the instance.

She’s entirely beatable solo, though it’s a tough fight. Be mindful that she and the other world bosses do not respawn at weekly reset. Instead, they respawn seven days after you kill them, so you’ll need to wait a week if you defeat them at some point after the standard reset time.

Return to the Dock Entrance and head northwest. You’ll see a staircase leading up to a tunnel with enemies guarding your path.

Make your way up the stairs and into the tunnel, defeating every enemy you see in and around it. Exit out the side doorway and take out the enemies at the camp at the bottom of the stairs.

With the tunnel enemies dealt with, head southeast to the Simple Pier and clear out all the Ravagers, fourteen total.

Head southwest from the Pier and clear out the three trash mobs, then head east toward the Ring Arena and Apophis. You’ll be climbing up a ramp built into the side of the cliffs.

There will be a half-sphere atop the hill and some junk popping out of the ground, surrounded by four Hyena thugs.

Take them out and then go to the small camp just east of them where Apophis waits if you haven’t already fought him.

Continue southeast along the path to another Hyena camp with ten enemies to clear. From there, head southwest for another ten enemies.

Rusty Iron Camp Spacerift Farming Route

Fast travel to the Rusty Iron Camp Spacerift and, rather than taking out Barbarosa directly behind you, head north to the Rusty Iron Camp.

Take out the thirteen enemies there, then head west.

Along the coast is a small dock with ten additional Hyenas and a Treasure Guardian to defeat.

Once they’re done with, head directly south toward the floating platform. You’ll come across a large ramshackle camp of Hyenas on the outskirts of a large facility.

From the camp, make a brief detour to defeat Barbarosa if you haven’t already, then go to the facility to the south.

There are fifteen enemies to defeat here, so expect plenty of action. Continue to the west toward Sea Gate Passage, where nine additional enemies await you.

Puddled Lake Spacerift Farming Route

There isn’t much left to do now, so fast travel to the Puddled Lake Spacerift and head east to fight the Devourer if he’s not already dead. Then head northwest toward the tower. The first of two Hyena camps is there.

Clear the camp beneath the tower and continue west to the edge of the instanced area for one final camp among the ruins.

Take out all the enemies there, then return to Base Zero to spend your materials.

Completing the entire loop presented here should take about half an hour, less if your damage is high. Once you complete it, you’ll need to wait three days for the mobs to respawn and go through it again. Remember, bosses don’t respawn until seven days have passed since you last killed them, so do so when you clear the rest of the map.

Those are the best Artificial Island upgrade material farming routes in Tower of Fantasy. As much as you’ll be able to gather this way, there’s not nearly enough to upgrade everything in the first few days, especially with some of the materials locked behind boss kills.

While you wait for your mobs and bosses to respawn, check out some of our other guides on Tower of Fantasy, including how to get the Maglev Stalker, level up fast, and have a look at our best Relics tier list. Our guides hub has much more.

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