Transformers: Earth Wars can be difficult, but we help make it easier with a few useful starter tips.

Transformers: Earth Wars – Starter Tips

Transformers: Earth Wars can be difficult, but we help make it easier with a few useful starter tips.

Transformers: Earth Wars is another one of those tower defense games flooding the mobile gaming market, albeit one with a twist. This time around, the developers have nostalgia on their side, as everyone can remember the wonderful Transformers cartoons of old.

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Now, that’s not to say this is a bad game. In fact, it is quite a bit of fun. Setting up buildings, collecting various important resources, and attacking the enemy before they have a chance to grow more powerful is all great fun.

In Earth Wars, the player can take on the role of either the Autobots, the good faction, or the Decepticons, the enemy faction.

Here are some starter tips:
  • Save Your Coins: Cyber Coins are the main form of currency within this game, and they are often used to speed up the production of buildings or resources or even to purchase new Transformers. Stockpiling these coins to purchase new robots is probably your best option.
  • Complete Missions: Obviously, in any game that offers them, completing a mission is going to be your main concern. The little box near the top of your screen is filled with achievements that are unlocked via the completion of a mission. They also give Cyber Coins, which is a huge bonus.

  • Battle, Battle, Battle!: Losing a fight will give you experience and rewards. Obviously you want to win a fight, but don’t be discouraged after a couple of losses. You’re still gaining something from the experience.
  • Competitive: Instead of simply fighting against enemy AI, tackle a few players in PvP whenever possible. Your robots will begin crushing stronger opponents in no time at all with a few upgrades and wins under their belt.
  • Those Upgrades: Speaking of robot upgrades, whenever you get the chance, spend some coins on upgrading your units and buildings. Shuttle upgrades, for example, allow you to bring in more units in a single battle. This is beyond useful. We don’t even need to explain that.
  • Balancing: You should be balancing your team to ensure a well-rounded defense and offense is had on the field of battle. Upon unlocking Optimus Prime of the Autobots, use him as the focal point of your squad.

  • Special Attacks : Optimus has the ability to charge in and attack, while planes can bomb enemies from afar. You need to learn how to utilize your special attacks during combat, and the right time to make use of them.

Overall, Transformers: Earth Wars is an entertaining game with plenty of value to be had. These starter tips should ensure you’re off on the right path before everyone else.

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