Here is a complete list of all 16 ability cards in TUNIC, as well as tips on how to find all of their locations.

TUNIC Guide: All Ability Cards & Locations

Here is a complete list of all 16 ability cards in TUNIC, as well as tips on how to find all of their locations.

TUNIC players can find special ability cards in the game that buff certain skills that might be very helpful during your walkthrough. These cards can be found all over the world of TUNIC, and usually they are well hidden.

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Our guide will provide you with the list of all ability cards in TUNIC, as well as give tips on how to find their locations. You don’t need to find them all, but look out for those that fit your playstyle the most on Page 51 of your booklet.

All Ability Cards and Locations in TUNIC

Orange Peril Ring

  • Effect: Raises attack when low health.
  • Location: Above the first ladder in the Dark Tomb.

Cyan Peril Ring

  • Effect: Raises defense when low health.
  • Location: Near the hero’s grave at the West Garden.

Inverted Ash

  • Effect: All HP potions become MP potions.
  • Location: In the northwestern corner of the Overworld.


  • Effect: Movement Speed is increased slightly.
  • Location: Behind the hero’s grave at the Forest Fortress.


  • Effect: Stamina recovery is increased.
  • Location: Up the ladder, leading to the skull area, in the Swamp.


  • Effect: Attack is increased, defense is decreased.
  • Location: In the western part of the Ruined Atoll, right behind a tall green Envoy.


  • Effect: Reduces the stamina cost of blocking.
  • Location: At the dead end of the secondary entrance in the Ruined Atoll.

Lucky Cup

  • Effect: Enemies drop health hearts (15% chance).
  • Location: In the southwestern corner of the Overworld.

Muffling Bell

  • Effect: Enemy detection range is decreased.
  • Location: Behind the waterfall under the Eastern Vault.

Louder Echo

  • Effect: Echo-of-soul damage and radius increased.
  • Location: In the northwestern corner of the Flooded Well.

Scavenger’s Mask

  • Effect: Protection from miasma and HP drain.
  • Location: In the monastery, during the main story quest.

Dagger Strap

  • Effect: Magic dagger cast time is reduced.
  • Location: South of checkpoint in the Swamp.

Magic Echo

  • Effect: Echo-of-soul restores MP.
  • Location: At the southern gate of the Ruined Atoll.

Fire Sword

  • Effect: Sword ignites enemies, but HP drops to 1.
  • Location: In the southeastern corner of the Overworld, behind the locked door.

Aura’s Gem

  • Effect: Parry timing window is slightly increased.
  • Location: In the northeastern corner of the Quarry.

The Bone

  • Effect: Doubles your invincibility during dodge rolls.
  • Location: In the northwestern corner of the Ruined Atoll, behind the wall at the rock with the flower.

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