Unfriend Al Gore in South Park: Stick of Truth

Get some useful tips for taking down Al Gore and his cronies.
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If you were like me, you had some real difficulty in getting Al Gore to stop spamming your Facebook. In South Park The Stick of Truth, you are given the task of unfriending Al Gore from your friends list. This is no easy feat, however, as Al is one of the most difficult boss fights in the game.

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Shortly after you have completed Al Gore’s side quest “ManBearPig”, the spamming of your Facebook status commences. As soon as the quest pops up entitled “Unfriend Al Gore” you can then go to Al Gore’s secret hideout at the U-Stor-It facility. There you will attempt to remove him from your contacts. This goes south quickly when Al surmises that you must be ManBearPig! I mean, what other reason could there be for you to not respond to all his spam? Upon coming to this conclusion, the battle will begin.

First things first. Before you enter Al’s secret hideout, SAVE YOUR GAME! It will save you a lot of backtracking when you get “Game Over”. Also make sure you are stocked up on health items and PP potions. You may want to also consider using coffee as it will give you an extra turn. As for your sidekicks, Jimmy and Butters are good choices. Jimmy is valuable because of his Lullaby attack which will put the enemies to sleep. Butters is a decent choice due to his Healing Hands ability which will save you on health items. My choice for this particular fight, however, was Stan. I found his Marked for Death and Way of the Sword attacks especially useful. Marked for Death initiates Defense Down whereas Way of the Sword hits multiple times for high damage. Way of the Sword also ends by dealing the Burn status effect and takes away huge chunks of armor.

The battle starts off between just you and Al but after two turns, Al calls in his three Secret Service agents. this is a breakdown of what to expect from them in terms of attacks.

Al Gore

Global Warming– This is always Al’s first strike. He presents a power point presentation on global warming which attacks twice. If you fail to block these attacks they will put you into Sleep status and then Screwed. The first will leave you wide open to attacks without being able to block. Being Screwed will kill the inflicted character after three turns.

Summon Secret Service– He will use this after his second turn. This summons in three Secret Service agents which have high health and high armor. Two of the agents have guns while the third comes equipped with a nightstick.

Excelsior– This is Al’s warm-up attack that grants him the Attack Up ability. He then rushes and rams you for high damage. To add insult to injury, he also gained health regen for several turns.

Melee Attack– This is just a standard attack where Al will slap you five time for moderate damage. This attack also heals Al by 1/5 of his maximum HP.

Secret Service agents

Headshot– This attack is used by the agents with guns. It causes high damage and inflicts Screwed.

Aimed Shot– This attack is used by the agents with guns. It causes high damage and will stack Bleeding three times on your characters.

Rapid Fire– This attack is used by the agents with guns. This attack can hit four times for moderate damage. Each unblocked attack also causes Bleeding.

Concussion Grenades– This attack can be used by any of the three agents. Along with moderate damage, this attack also causes Stun.

Melee Attack– This attack can only be done by the agent with the nightstick. It hits three times for moderate damage.

Riposte Stance– This attack can only be done by the agent with the nightstick. This move is done during the agents first turn. He is then only open to ranged attacks.

Now depending on your character level, Al can have between 3000 and 33000 HP along with a butt load of armor. This, combined with his health regenerating and his agents’ ability to inflict Stun and Screwed, make this a very difficult fight. It is very important to block the Global Warming attack right off the gate. This will prevent major damage, or even defeat, early on. Once his Secret Service agents come onto the field, the best offensive strategy you can use is to continuously deal out status effects. Now Al is immune to Stun, Sleep and Pissed but the agents are not. This is where Jimmy comes in very handy. However, you will also want to deal Burn and Gross Out often to keep a constant damage over time.

If you can keep up blocking as many attacks as possible and continue to deal as much damage over time as you can, this fight will eventually go your way. Concentrate on the agent first then go after Al. Once you are successful, collect his special key and enter the room to the right. There you will access a special room where you will find a chest containing a ManBearPig weapon among other goodies.

Just remember, if all else fails, call upon Professor Chaos or, better yet, Mr. Slave and let them deal out their own brand of justice!

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