V Rising — How to Get Oil

How do you get Oil in V Rising after the Gloomrot update? Here's how.

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Oil has gotten an upgrade during the Gloomrot expansion for V Rising. Previously known as Fish Oil, it’s a needed component for tanning. Struggling to get oil in game? Here’s all the ways you can get your vampire hands on oil in V Rising.

How to Get Oil in V Rising

There are a few different methods to obtain Oil.

  • Random drop from vanquished human enemies.
  • From Fish when put into the Blood Press.
  • From putting Hallow Wood through the Sawmill.

Defeat Humans for Oil

Humans will sometimes drop Oil after they are killed. While this happens randomly from any human you kill, the best place to farm Oil by defeating humans is Mosswick Village in the northwest region of Dunley Farmlands.

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Fishing for Oil

As Oil was previously known as Fish Oil, it makes sense that fishing is the primary method to obtain it. In order to fish, you’ll need to take out V Blood Boss Rufus the Foreman. Defeating him will grant you the Fishing Pole recipe. Once you have the Fishing Pole you can attempt to catch fish from any bubbling water and bring it to the Blood Press for processing. The different kinds of fish give different amounts of Oil.

  • 6 Oil: Fat Goby, Fierce Stinger, Rainbow Trout
  • 10 Oil: Blood Snapper, Sage Fish, Twilight Snapper
  • 14 Oil: Golden River Bass, Swamp Dweller

How to Process Oil

You can obtain Oil when processing Hallow Wood through the Sawmill. Per 40 Hallow Wood you’ll get 1 Oil, so you’ll need a decent supply of wood if you’re looking to farm Oil from it. You can harvest Hallow Wood in the Silverlight Hills.

Those are all the ways to obtain Oil in V Rising. If you’re having trouble with other aspects of the game, give our other V Rising guides a look.

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