V Rising Scourgestone Guide: How to Farm and Locations

Don't waste your time blindly looking for Scourgestone in V Rising. Instead use our guide for all Scourgestone farming locations and methods.

Don't waste your time blindly looking for Scourgestone in V Rising. Instead use our guide for all Scourgestone farming locations and methods.

Scourgestone is one of the most valuable and rare crafting materials in V Rising, and it is used for crafting silver ingots and jewelry, many try to find the best way for farming it.

Our guide will provide you with all the possible locations where you can farm Scourgestone in V Rising. You will also learn about the methods of crafting it, as well as an extra method for farming it from the mob drops.

How to Farm Scourgestone in V Rising

Church of the Damned

The first notable location for farming Scourgestone is in the north of the Dunley Farmlands at the Church of the Damned.

This location has the highest chance of Scourgestone appearing inside loot chests and dropping from the mobs. So raid it thoroughly for the most number of Scourgestones.

Other important loot that you can find here includes:

  • Grave Dust
  • Bone

Dunley Monastery

In the west of the Dunley Farmlands you will find Dunley Monastery. This location is special due to it having a high level of holy radiation.

Note that you may not find Scourgestone inside chests or from mobs here, but instead you need to look inside coffins, as that’s where Scourgestone has the tendency to spawn.

Besides Scourgestone, you will be able to pick up the following resources here:

  • Glass
  • Quartz
  • Mourning Lily
  • Scroll

Ancient Villages

In the northeastern part of the world map you will find the area called the Cursed Forest, which accommodates two ancient villages located in the west and east of the area.

Once again, don’t expect mobs to drop Scourgestone here, but instead break all the boxes you see, as that’s where you most likely will find this valuable resource.

Here is some other loot you may find here:

  • Ghost Shroom
  • Iron Ore
  • Ghost Yarn
  • Spectral Dust
  • Schematic

Abandoned Farm

The last location, where you can get Scourgestone is the Abandoned Farm located in the eastern part of the Dunlay Farmlands.

Here you will need to fight Scarecrow mobs, who have a high chance of dropping Scourgestones. At first they will seem passive, but you need to approach and hit them so they turn into hostiles and attack you.

Besides Scourgestone you may find some Wool Thread here, but not much else.

How to Craft Scourgestone in V Rising

You can also craft Scourgestone using the recipe obtained after defeating Leandra the Shadow Priestess, a Level 46 boss who can be found at the Church of the Damned.

The recipe for crafting Scourgestone is the following:

  • 1 Whetstone
  • 3 Glass
  • 3 Grave Dust

The best places to farm Whetstone is the bandit camps, which can be found all over the southern regions of Farbane Woods. If you’re lucky, you can also find them at the Bastion of Dunley.

Glass is another rare material, which at this point can be found mostly at the Dunley Monastery.

As for the Grave Dust, then you need to raid the graveyards and cemeteries of the Farbane Woods.

Crafting Tombs

Lastly, you can craft Tombs that spawn different types of mobs that also have a chance of dropping Scourgestone, including Skeleton Bishops and Banshis.

You can obtain the crafting recipe for this structure after defeating Goreswine the Ravager, a Level 27 boss who roams the southern forests of the Farbane Woods area.

The recipe for crafting a single tomb is quite simple:

  • 80 Stone
  • 20 Bone

This method requires less resources than actually crafting Scourgestones, but it does take time for mobs to spawn.

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