Wondering how to find Haldor the Merchant in Valheim? This guide tells you everything you need to know and includes two alternative ways to locate him.

Valheim Merchant: How to Find Haldor in the Black Forest

Wondering how to find Haldor the Merchant in Valheim? This guide tells you everything you need to know and includes two alternative ways to locate him.

Haldor the Merchant is one of the most important NPCs in Valheim. He spawns only once on a given map and in a mostly-random location. We say “mostly” because he will always appear in the Black Forest biome, but not always in the same location within the biome.

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Given the vast open world of Valheim, it’s possible some players may have a very hard time stumbling across Haldor on their travels. 

This guide will provide you with two surefire ways of finding the Merchant in Valheim. Now you will always have access to his items that cannot be acquired anywhere else.

Valheim Merchant Finder Methods

Method 1: Locate Him in the Black Forest

Haldor only spawns in the Black Forest biome, though there are dozens of those biomes in a single world seed. Unless you use console commands to reveal the map or turn on debug mode for flight, it will take some time to find his location. 

He will typically appear in the first Black Forest region you come across, which narrows things down. Sometimes he spawns near the Elder boss, sometimes he does not. When you get close to him, around 25km, a white coin pouch icon will appear on the map. He will stay in the same location for the entire game. 

But there are two other merchant finder methods that may prove more useful. 

Method 2: Use Command Prompt

If you don’t want to waste any time looking, here is a possible solution that only works in solo mode. This is a more involved method introduced by Reddit users Lucathemanea and Protoman, though it’s worked well for many players.

  1. Download Python
  2. Download the Valheim script
  3. Create a new folder on your hard drive “C:Valheim”
  4. Go to “C:Users[USERNAME]appdatalocallowIrongateValheim” folder on your PC.
  5. Locate the file of your world in the folder “[WORLDNAME].db”
  6. Copy the world file and the script file (get_vendor.py) into the new folder you have created.
  7. Press Win+R keys to open the command prompt.
  8. Type in the following line: C:Valheimpython get_vendor.py [WORLDNAME].db

The command prompt will show you the exact coordinates of the Merchant.

Note: [WORLDNAME] = the title of your world.

Method 3: Use a Specific World Seed

If you don’t want to mess with command prompt, you can use the following world seed: HHcLC5acQt. It was discovered by Reddit user InfernoFPS. Since you can carry items across seeds, you’ll be able to purchase Haldor’s wares and carry them back to your world. 

This seed features all four game bosses on the same continent, with Haldor the Merchant standing in the very center of it. Here’s how you can get to it:

  1. Go the game’s main screen
  2. Press the “Start” button
  3. Select “New” to create a new world
  4. Give it a name and enter the seed number in the seed field
  5. Confirm by pressing “Done

What Does Haldor Sell? 

  • Yule Hat: 100 coins
  • Dverger Circlet: 620 coins
  • Megingjord: 950 coins
  • Ymir Flesh: 120 coins
  • Fishing Rod: 350 coins
  • Fishing Bait x50: 10 coins

That’s all you need to know on how to find the Merchant in Valheim more easily, as well as what he sells. For more on this Viking world, consider heading over to our guides on highlighting locations in the world, mining copper ore, and learning how to fish

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