Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong Guide: How to Find the Archives Safe Code

Is the mystery safe in the Prince's archives driving you crazy? Here's how to crack the archives safe code.

Is the mystery safe in the Prince's archives driving you crazy? Here's how to crack the archives safe code.

Early in Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong, in what’s effectively its tutorial level, you’ll end up visiting the archives: the old analog files in Prince Hazel Iverson’s building. Being undead is no excuse for sloppy bookkeeping.

It’s not the reason you’re there, but there’s a useful bonus in the archives if you take the time to dig out the archives safe code, and it’s also a method of conveying something simple and helpful for the rest of the game: check everywhere.

Here’s how to open the locked safe in the Prince’s archives in Swansong.

Where to Find the Archive Safe Combination in Iverson’s Building

There are a lot of hidden secrets in Iverson’s building, many of which will initially remain a secret unless you build one of your characters in a particular way

Some are red herrings, which are there to trick you into wasting resources early on (Emem gets no benefit from picking the lock on Dajan Siaka’s door, whereas Leysha gets a key for it and can find a useful item inside), while others are ignorable options.

Getting into the archive counts as the latter. You can give Emem enough points in Technology to hack the door if you choose a Free build and spend almost all of your starting experience on the talent.

You can also slip into Lazarus’s office and grab the relevant keycard off the side table. The latter’s a lot easier, both in the short and long term.

There’s a lot to find in the archives, including the clues Emem needs to figure out where her friend Journey’s gone, but we’re here for the mystery safe. It’s on the wall by the archives computer, with a 4-digit code.

Again, if you have enough Technology to hack your way in here, you have enough to pop the lock on the safe door, but the solution’s nearby.

There are a couple of other unlocked drawers in the archive. One is on the other side of the room near the floor; if you’re still tracking Journey’s scent, the unlocked drawer is almost directly opposite the Solstice file that she’s recently touched.

Inside the drawer, you can find exactly one thing of interest: a sticky note from April that provides the code we need.

Use that code, 9138, to open the mystery safe. Its contents are useful if not spectacular: you’ll get another one of Emem’s business cards, a consumable item that restores 2 Willpower on use.

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