Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader Best Arch Militant Build Guide

Looking for Arch Militant leveling ideas? Here's our best Arch Militant build guide in Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader.

arch militant combat in warhammer 40k rogue trader
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The Arch Militant is one of the most versatile Advanced Archetypes when it comes to using weapons in Rogue Trader. You can go in so many directions depending on what type of gear you wield. Here’s my best Arch Militant builds in Warhammer 40K Rogue Trader.

How to Make the Best Arch Militant Build in Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader

This first Arch Militant build option utilizes ranged weapons mixed in with some melee options. You’re going to want the heaviest armor you can find since we won’t be utilizing cover as much. That’s why Heavy Armor Proficiency is a great mid-game Talent to get. We’ll also want heavy ranged weapons so pumping Strength a bit along with Heavy Weapon Proficiency is a great choice.

Our preferences are weapons that can Burst Fire, but you can use your favorites based on your preference. I highly recommend the the Heavy Bolt Gun, Multi-Melta, or Heavy Stubber, and I would suggest dual Power Swords with Dual-Weapon Combat that grant bonuses to Parry for your weapon switch. Don’t forget to pick up the appropriate Weapon Expert Talent for your choice of weapons.

argenta shooting burst fire at enemies in warhammer 40k rogue trader
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We’ll start with something similar as to our Abelard (Warrior) or Argenta (Soldier) build and Navy Officer Origin, grabbing Endure and Brace For Impact to be as tanky as possible. We should also focus on defensive Talents like It Will Not Die, Dueling Mastery while increasing Ballistic Skill and Weapon Skill whenever we can. Once we reach Level 16, we’re going Arch Militant Advanced Archetype and these are our core ability and Talent choices:

  • Versatility: Our default skill.
  • Wildfire: Offers extra attacks, which we love.
  • Kick: Offers a low-cost melee attack that doesn’t count toward our attack limit.
  • Flashfire & Martial Art: Upgrade Wildfire and Kick.
  • Armsmaster & Broad Expertise: Boosts WS and BS.
  • Distact: Reduce Dodge Chance.

Great common Talents include Get Off Me and Heavy Gunner. Keep increasing Ballistic Skill with an occasional Strength boost while selecting your favorite Skills. Other than that, our main goal in combat is Charging into enemies and alternating between our melee attacks, Kicks, and Burst Fire. Versatility will boost our aim and damage with occasional discounted Wildfire attacks.

Our Heavy Armor, Endure, Brace For Impact, and ending our turn with Swords out will keep us healthy. Combine this build with Officers like Cassia and Psyker Diviner buffs to further boost offensive and defensive abilities.

Psyker Arch Militant Build Details and What to Choose

Where the first build one focused on Ballistic Skill and Burst Fire ranged combat, this Arch Militant build focuses more on melee weapons and Psyker powers. Start with the Warrior Archetype and choose either the Sanctic or Pyromancer Psyker Origin, while picking up the other before Level 16.

This is because the Sanctic grants us access to a powerful force melee weapon with Sword of Faith. Alternating between its fiery single-target and area-attacks procs the Arch Militant’s Versatility while they synergize with Pyromancer abilities and Talents. We can boost these attacks by igniting ourselves with Orchestrated Flames which can also increase our Psy Rating with the Talents below.

enemy on fire in warhammer 40k rogue trader
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As you level Warrio,r be sure to grab defensive Talents like Heavy Armor Proficiency and Destined. Since our sword is a force weapon, we’ll want Blade of Light. It does area fire attacks, so we also want Crowd Kill, Backdraft, and Blazing Inferno. Of course, increase Psy Rating at Level 10 and whenever possible after that.

Relentless Blaze will also increase our Psy Rating when we’re burning, just be sure to pick up Body of Flames to reduce that damage. Whatever you can’t pick up before Level 16 we can get as we level up Arch Militant. Speaking of which, when we reach Arch Militant, keep alternating between line and cone attacks with Blade of Light to pump Versatility stacks for bonus accuracy/damage and take these abilities and Talents:

  • Wildfire: Gives us an extra attack.
  • Devastating Attack: Not only will our Blade of Light deal great damage, it’ll also blind our foes.
  • Flashfire: Improves Wildfire.
  • Breaking Attack: Improves Devastating Attack.
  • Armsmaster: Action Point economy.
  • Adaptability & Critical Versatility & Hymns of Hatred: Extra crit chance and damage.

Along with these, pick up any leftover Talents I recommended before. The gameplay is setting ourselves on fire with Orchestrated Flame, then summoning our Blade of Light and Charging the enemy. Alternating between single-target and area-attacks to increase damage from Versatility and healing from Sanctic powers when needed will turn us into a high-damage sustainable melee combatant.

These two options conclude my best Arch Militant builds in Warhammer 40K Rogue Trader. For more WH40K RT content, check out our how to beat Aurora guide and Operative build.

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