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Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader — How to Recruit Cassia

Need a powerful Psyker Navigator? Here's how to recruit Cassia in Warhammer 40K Rogue Trader.

Once you descend upon Eurac V looking for a new Navigator, there are various ways things can end, including leaving with empty hands. But that doesn’t have to be. You can add a powerful Psyker Navigator to your team. Here’s how to recruit Cassia in Warhammer 40K Rogue Trader.

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How to Recruit Cassia in Warhammer: 40,000 Rogue Trader — Key Choices and Walkthrough

Recruiting Cassia will largely depend on your dialogue choices while exploring the Eurac V Navis Nobilite station. Arriving here includes solving a coup mystery and deciding on who to side with Felek or Theobald Orsellio.

The key choices in recruiting Cassia are after you’ve progressed through the Eurac V quest and found the Elevator’s Master Rod in the lab room. Return to Felek and speak with him. I won’t spoil the twist here. After you’re done speaking with him, let’s move on to the next section.  

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Our first sensitive and important choice moment is when you need to call Felek out as a traitor. You’ll need to defeat him here to prevent Cassia from dying later on. Start with inquiring about the station.

If you’ve found the log item that lets you listen to a private conversation between the station’s officers near the Machine Spirit room, you can be a little inquisitive and learn the story yourself through this option. Here are the dialog options to choose:

  • “I have many questions regarding what happened on the station.”
  • The madmen I fought were convinced that we were the traitors.”
  • I listened to a recording of a private conversation between the station officers. You were very intent toward them, purposefully neglecting the security protocols.”

However, you can just as simply select the “Enough! I would not trust you as far as I could throw you Felek Orsellio” dialogue option to initiate the combat encounter with him.

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Tips on How to Beat Felek

Fighting him is all about keeping Abelard in melee range with Felek to lock him down and using your Argenta, Idira, and your Rogue Trader as support to gain Momentum. My main character was an Operative, in which case sniping Felek from afar with a Longlas or Sniper Rifle is a great strategy.

I recommend placing your characters on the far left side of the room next to the massive pillar for cover while dispatching the enemies there. As soon as you finish the fight, loot Felek’s body for the other half of the elevator rod and ascend up the station.

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Which Cassia Dialogue Options to Choose and Add Her to Your Party

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In the following room, you’ll encounter Cassia in all her Psyker glory and this is our second important choice moment for recruiting her. There are two ways we can solve this dialogue skill check.

  • Conviction Option: Those with the Iconoclast – Follower Conviction Rank can de-escalate the situation with the option above: “[Requires Iconoclast — Follower][Overcome the crushing despair] I know why I am here, and so I will stand strong against any illusion!”
  • Fellowship Option: Alternatively, I found that the Fellowship (Persuasion) option works excellently here if you can pass it. Whoever has the highest Persuasion skill in your party will be used for this skill check. “Lady Cassia, I am here to help you. Please clam yourself.”

From here, introduce yourself formally as the head of your house looking for a Navigator. Choose the option: “It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

Next up, I recommend selecting the Fellowship (Commerce) option to great effect. Choose ” Imean you no harm. I came to seek the Navigators’ aid.” Theobald Orsellio will then ask you to take Cassia away from the station to safety aboard your ship. Select “What service do you ask of me?” Then choose “Cassia shall come with me.”

Politely ask her to become your Navigator. Lastly, choose either of the two options that let her know you’ll rescue her servants as well.

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From here, Cassia is secured as your new party member and your Voidship’s new Psyker Navigator. She has a blend of Psyker and Officer abilities, making her an excellent ranged support companion focused on Fellowship skills. This makes her a great Persuasion/Commerce/Coercion character for your party. 

The crucial part of this quest is to avoid descending down with Cassia while Felek is still alive, as he’ll kill her in combat. Make sure to defeat him before going up the elevator. Furthermore, make sure to side with Theobald and be friendly with him as shown in the options above. Angering and fighting him will cause Cassia to be hostile toward you and ignore your requests.

Now you know how to recruit Cassia in Warhammer 40K Rogue Trader. For more tips, check out our library of guides for it here like how to respec characters or create custom companions.

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