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Wartales: How to Start the Pirates of Belerion DLC

Starting your watery Wartales adventure requires a couple steps in the Pirates of Belerion DLC.

Setting off on your own ship and navigating the deep blue sea takes a little more than installing the new expansion for Wartales. If you want to fight freebooters while exploring this watery region, here’s how to begin The Pirates of Belerion DLC for Wartales.

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How to Start Sailing the Seas in Wartales: Pirates of Belerion DLC

Embarking on your own ocean adventure means bringing your merry band of mercenaries to Tiltren County, the region where you first start the game. Head just west of the Old Lighthouse in the southern area of the map. There, you’ll find a dock along the coast.

Enter the dock, where you’ll encounter a woodworker. Talking with him reveals there’s a shipwreck nearby, though the vessel is in surprisingly good shape. Since he’s been out of work for so long, he’ll repair the ship and give it to you — as long as you provide gold and wood.

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How to Repair the Shipwreck

To fix up your future ship, you’ll need x40 Wood and x200 Gold. Once you have the requirements, return to the dock. Pay the man, and he’ll return to seaworthy status, though it’s still missing a figurehead.

How to Begin the DLC

At the dock, you’re able to board your ship and upgrade it for future repairs. The Belerion Archipelago region is comprised of multiple islands located to the south. You can explore any of them, but you want to head to Per-Bast to start climbing the ranks as Lord of the Seas and complete the sidequest you received when boarding the ship. Head there, dock, and go to the map marker by land.

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The enemy troops in the area are at a higher level than those elsewhere. The first pirate captain you face has a Level 12 crew. I had a Level 17 team and still almost died due to the mechanics of ship combat, as well as the unique traits pirates have. This expansion was made to provide more endgame content, so I strongly recommend having a more experienced mercenary band before hitting the waves.

That’s how to start Wartales Pirates of Belerion. For more help picking the best team, completing quests, or finding resources, check out our guides hub.

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