Watch Dogs Guide: ctOS Control Centers & Towers

Here's your Watch Dogs guide to all the ctOS Control Centers, insertion points, solutions and all ctOS Tower locations.

Here's your Watch Dogs guide to all the ctOS Control Centers, insertion points, solutions and all ctOS Tower locations.

In the world that is Watch Dogs, in order to gain access to everything and everyone, you’ll need to gain access into the main ctOS Control Centers. Besides Parker Square (that’s already unlocked at the very beginning), there are 4 additional ctOS Control Centers. To open your map further, giving you additional hideouts (good place to get those 10 Audio Logs needed) and much more, you’ll need to hack into the 13 ctOS Towers as well.

Note: To open the ctOS Control Center in The Loop City District will require you to play and complete the campaign Act I_Backstage Pass, then you can proceed with the rest of this guide.

This guide will cover their locations, various entry points and solutions for the ctOS Control Centers. I will tell you I went ahead and did this at the very beginning of my game. Having this done ahead of time makes everything so much easier, especially since most of the missions and investigations require this be done. So if you haven’t done so already, unlock these all now and watch your skill points and progression rise!

Tip: after taking out all the guards at the various ctOS Control Centers (if you haven’t done so already), roam around to pick up weapons, explosives and electronic parts.

ctOS Control Centers:

Brandon Dock City District
  • South Gate & Garage – Guarded gate and 2 snipers on the south walkway
  • West Gates & Garage – There are 3 ways to enter here: a guarded gate, a garage and a second unguarded gate

I chose the West Gate insertion point with the unguarded gate. This allowed me to sneak around and use the cameras undetected. I was able to get a better determination of how many guards there were and easily get the access code without being seen. In the garage, there’s a sniper upstairs. Upon successfully taking out all the guards and gaining the access code, head over to the ctOS server to hack in. You’ll gain XP +500 upon completion and district access.

Your solution for the Brandon Docks ctOS Server

The Wards City District
  • Beauty Parlor Fence Gap (South) – Unguarded
  • Rusty Stove Fence Gap (Southeast) – Guard nearby
  • Gates (South) Guard nearby
  • Gates (West) – Guards around
  • Fence Gap (West) – Unguarded
  • Gates (North) – Guarded gate
  • Snack Shop Fence Gaps (East) – Unguarded

I used the cameras to get a good view of all the guards before I even decided what to do in there. I did end up using the Beauty Parlor Fence Gap as my insertion point, dealt with the guard from the south gate and got my access code. From there I hacked the forklift and climbed up top, hacked the protectors as my “shields” and took out the guards using a sniper rifle. A good tip is to take out the guard that can call in reinforcements first. After successfully taking out all the guards, climb back down and hack into the ctOS Server. Upon completion, you’ll gain XP +500 and district access.

Your solution to The Wards ctOS Server

Mad Mile City District
  • Southeast Scissor Lift – Unguarded
  • South Gate – Guarded gate
  • Southeast Pedestrian Gate – Guards nearby
  • Northeast Security Door – Patrolling guard nearby, hack the door to get inside
  • North Gate – Guarded gate

By the Navy Pier, I chose the Southeast Scissor Lift as my insertion point. I used the cameras to determine the guards and gain the access code. I used my sniper rifle for most of the guards, then climbed down and finished off the remaining guard or two with the Goblin assault rifle. I pack some mean weapons when I play. Part of the fun of hacking money and buying weapons at the gun shop. After taking out all the guards, gaining the access code, head over to the ctOS Server to hack in. Upon completion, you’ll gain XP +500 and district access.

Your solution to the Mad Mile ctOS Server

Pawnee City District (Located on Bernai Island)
  • Covered Jetty (West) – Unguarded for the most part
  • Rusty Jetty (South) – Really out of the way
  • Main Harbor (East) – Heavily guarded
  • Rugged Rocks Jetty (Northwest) – Guards nearby

I chose the Covered Jetty (West) and used my cover position to the container ahead of me to grab a frag grenade. With my silenced Spec Ops 1911 in hand, I proceed to my left, take out the guard and then in the opening of the fence, take out the guard on my right across the way. I then use a cover position and use the cameras to determine the location of the other guards, distract them, explode items to take them out, and grab the access code. After taking the guards out and getting the access code, head to the ctOS Server. Upon completion you’ll gain XP +500 and district access.

Your solution to the Pawnee ctOS Server

ctOS Tower Locations:

Note: There are no ctOS Tower Locations in the Pawnee City District.

Parker Square City District
  • ctOS Tower 1 – Hill Park Tower
  • ctOS Tower 2 – Pequino Village Tower
The Loops City District
  • ctOS Tower 3 – South Side Campus Tower
  • ctOS Tower 4 – Theater Square Tower
  • ctOS Tower 5 – Riverside Tower
Brandon Docks City District
  • ctOS Tower 6 – Calumet Market Tower
  • ctOS Tower 7 – Des Monts Canal Tower
  • ctOS Tower 8 – Lake Shore Tower
The Wards City District
  • ctOS Tower 9 – Woodpark West Tower
  • ctOS Tower 10 – Rossi-Fremont Tower
Mad Mile City District
  • ctOS Tower 11 – Franklin Tower
  • ctOS Tower 12 – River East Tower
  • ctOS Tower 13 – Gold Coast Tower

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