Recruit the best operatives for your team using this tier list guide for Watch Dogs: Legion.

Watch Dogs Legion Best Recruits Tier List Guide

Recruit the best operatives for your team using this tier list guide for Watch Dogs: Legion.

The recruitment mechanic in Watch Dogs: Legion is a real game-changer. It allows players to recruit any operative NPC that they meet on the streets of London andbring them into the DedSec ranks. This guide will showcase the best recruits in Watch Dogs: Legion.

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Some of the best operatives can be hard to locate and recruit, but with the help of our guide below, you will have a few good spots to check. Once you’ve found the right operative for your team, it’s only a matter of a few missions before you can recruit them.

S-Tier Recruits

SIRS Officer
  • Locations: SIRS Headquarters, MI-6 Headquarters

This operative is one of the only that can provide you with uniformed access to all Albion locations. SIRS Officer also carries a unique P9 weapon with a silencer that is perfect for stealthy kills.

At first, these officers may dislike you, but if you use the Deep Scan Profiler and do a few missions for them, you will have an easier time recruiting them.

It may be hard to find this particular type of SIRS Officer, but if you look hard enough, you’ll be rewarded with one of the highest-tier recruits in Watch Dogs: Legion. If you can’t get this SIRS Officer specifically, then opt for any available Albion recruiter instead.

Construction Worker
  • Locations: London Construction Sites

This recruit possesses some of the most useful skills in the game, including Cargo Drone and Spiderbot.

The Cargo Drone is an incredibly powerful tool for getting extra Tech Points, gaining access to fast travel to various locations, neutralizing VIPs, disrupting propaganda, and doing many other cool things.

The Spiderbot is also great for hacking into news drones and getting all the data on your missions.

A-Tier Recruits

Professional Hitman
  • Locations: Nine Elms Borough

In the late game of Watch Dogs: Legion, the Hitman is the best recruit to have.

They’re not as stealthy as Albion operatives or SIRS officers, but their weapons and arsenal allow them to hit all targets quickly and effectively. The further you move through the story, the more important this set of skills will be.

You will have to complete a few missions, such as Black Hole of Battersea, before being able to recruit a hitman, but as soon as you’re done with those missions, you’ll get some of the best support in Watch Dogs: Legion.

Clan Kelley Operative
  • Locations: Finsbury, Clan Kelley Territories

Clan Kelly operatives may be the hardest to recruit in the game, but once you manage to get their attention using the Deep Profiler and complete a few missions for them, you’ll definitely have a chance to bring them into DedSec.

Clan Kelley operatives are vicious and well-armed. They can be as efficient at killing as hitmen, although some of them can really hate DeadSec, making recruitment even harder. 

Try to get a clan member with the assault rifle damage bonus and long arrest times.

B-Tier Recruits

  • Locations: Camden Borough

Watch Dogs: Legion offers more advanced tech than its predecessors. That’s why recruiting a hacker can be very important.

These operatives have the Disrupt Hack skill, which is basically a hacking AoE that disrupts all computations within a large area.

But the most important skill is probably the Key Steal ability, which will get you through any door or firewall.

  • Locations: Southwark, Lambeth, Russel Square

Some operatives are hard to recruit, but others, like Beekeepers, for example, are just hard to find.

If you can find a Beekeeper, be sure to get them on your team, as these operatives are also incredibly powerful. They use swarms of bees to disrupt and damage large groups of enemies.

On top of that, Beekepers are protected by a special suit that makes them completely immune to shock damage.

  • Locations: Camden, Blume Complex

If you are playing Watch Dogs: Legion in the permadeath mode, then you should definitely recruit a Paramedic. You will need healing, and you will also want to recover your downed operatives.

The cooldowns of your operatives will also get shorter, which will make them more effective. Lastly, you will have uniform access to all medical locations, which can be useful at times when you need to release any of your injured teammates immediately.

These are the best recruits to watch out for in Watch Dogs: Legion. For more on Ubisoft’s latest dystopian sandbox, find all our guides here and our full review here.

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