Watch Dogs Legion Deep Profiler: How to Get It and Recruit NPCs

The Deep Profiler is one of the best tools in Watch Dogs: Legion. Here's how to get it and use it to recruit NPCs to your cause.

The Deep Profiler is one of the best tools in Watch Dogs: Legion. Here's how to get it and use it to recruit NPCs to your cause.

The Deep Profiler is the single most important part of Watch Dogs: Legiontransforming the open-world game from your typical Ubisoft sandbox into something evolutionary and exciting. The Deep Profiler is not available right away, though, so you’ll want to be sure to get it quickly and learn how to use its deep toolset once it’s at your disposal.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to unlock the Deep Profiler in Watch Dogs: Legion, what it is, and how to use its many fun and important features.

What is the Watch Dogs: Legion Deep Profiler?

Though its name is a bit strange, the Deep Profiler lets you unlock the best parts of Watch Dogs: Legion. Think of the Deep Profiler as an app for your smartphone you use to hack everything in Watch Dogs: Legion.

The Deep Profiler tells you where pedestrians and recruitable NPCs will be at all hours of any given day, such as when they’re working, where they hang out, and even their home addresses.

With this information, you can find leads on ways to recruit them, which is especially useful when recruiting people who don’t like DedSec. 

If your targeted recruit works for Albion, the private police force and sworn enemy of DedSec, it may be hard to sway one of their diehard officers to your side, but with the Deep Profiler, you may learn they’ve been meaning to bust up a Clan Kelley crime ring, and if you do it for them, they’ll see maybe you’re not so bad after all.

With a person’s whole schedule in your hands, you can follow them and learn more about their lives.

How to Unlock the Deep Profiler

If you follow the story, you’ll eventually need to unlock the Deep Profiler to advance past a certain mission, but it’s available sooner for those looking to put it to use early.

Head into the Tech menu of the pause screen and you’ll find the Deep Profiler in the top right of the options. It will cost you Tech Points (identified as green diamonds on your map).

They come in bundles of 10 and they’re pretty easy to find, especially if you check well-guarded or off-limits areas.

Once you’ve unlocked the Deep Profiler, it’s time to learn how to use it.

How to Use the Deep Profiler

Add Characters to Recruits

The Deep Profiler reveals many possibilities but does so with thankfully few actions to understand. First, you’ll want to scan a character and add them to your recruits page using RB/R1.”

This will put them in your Team menu under the Recruits section below those already recruited. From there you can click on their schedules to see exactly where they’ll be at all hours of the day.

Recruitment Leads

The fastest way to recruit NPCs to your cause is to perform a Recruitment Lead. A Recruitment Lead creates a mission that will win over their appreciation for DedSec.

But browse their full schedule on the same page and you’ll see there are many ways to interject yourself into the lives of Legion‘s Londoners.

Using Schedules

Taking the below example, you could head to the tattoo parlor where the recruit and his girlfriend would be meeting to get tattoos. The schedule tells you the in-game time they’ll be there, while clicking “Y/Triangle” to view it on the map will show you where a meeting is set to take place

Mark a Mission, Then Skip Time (Optional)

With the location on your map, you can fast travel to the nearest train station just like you may at any point in the game.

As you approach the rendezvous location, in this example a tattoo parlor, you’ll be prompted to skip time if you so wish.

Assuming you’ve selected the activity from a recruit’s Deep Profiler schedule, this prompt will automatically appear as the game smartly knows what you’re trying to do, even though it’s basically spun up this mission from thin air.

Once you’ve skipped time, you’ll find the recruit at the location. Now you can do what you’d like with them.

Recruit their girlfriend, injure them, stalk them, even kill them and watch other people in their life change their schedules due to the death, or run off to complete one of their more surefire recruitment missions. It’s up to you. 

The Deep Profiler is Legion‘s greatest tool, and while the game almost admirably doesn’t tell you all of this information so plainly, it’s all there to be toyed with provided you know how to unlock the tool and how to use it.

Learning things like adding people to your recruits list, reviewing their schedule, and altering their lives in meaningful ways can have lasting, sometimes fascinating consequences, for better or worse. But with the Deep Profiler in your hands, you’ll always maintain the advantage of having information that could swing a resistant movement in favor of the good guys.

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