Watch Dogs Legion Hitman Location Guide: How to Find Hitmen

Looking to bring a bit of John Wick flair to Watch Dogs: Legion? Here's where you can reliably find the Hitman Operative and recruit them to your team.

Looking to bring a bit of John Wick flair to Watch Dogs: Legion? Here's where you can reliably find the Hitman Operative and recruit them to your team.

From turncoat police officers to spies, houseless panhandlers, and even nanobot beekeepers, the Operatives in Watch Dogs: Legion are numerous in their archetypal roles, but one of the best operatives to unlock is the Watch Dogs: Legion Hitman, the game’s very own group of John Wick wannabes. 

If you don’t mind getting a bit messier than the usually non-lethal DedSec Operatives are comfortable with, the Hitman skill set brings some exacting brutality to your hacker collective. It’s basically like adding John Wick to your Watch Dogs: Legion team. No really, the moves and guns are inspired directly by Keanu Reeves’ beloved dead dog-avenger.

Here’s exactly where to find the Hitman in Watch Dogs: Legion, plus a breakdown of the Hitman’s special skills and tech.

Where to Find a Hitman in Watch Dogs: Legion

Like with the Watch Dogs: Legion Spy, the Hitman archetype can be found in two ways.

The first of which is to simply happen upon them in the open world. All characters can be recruited, and you can view a character’s traits like their job and special skills by holding LB/L1 when hovering the cursor over them. 

Having said that, there’s a much more reliable way to unlock a Hitman and you can do it pretty early on too. Once you’re able to hit the open world and begin turning districts into their Defiant state, head to the southwest corner of the map to the Nine Elms district

Here you’ll find the usual three Defiance side missions, identified by red map markers. Completing all those missions will reveal a fourth and final Defiance mission in Nine Elms where you take down an Albion contractor.

Once you do that, you’ll be awarded with a new, uprising-ready district, but more importantly, you’ll also unlock the Hitman Operative, who will instantly join your team without further recruitment.

Watch Dogs: Legion Hitman Skills Explained

As with the other major Operatives earned through turning districts Defiant, the Hitman Operative has some very helpful and unique skills. Here’s a breakdown of what the Hitman brings to the table.

Desert Eagle + G36

This pair of high-powered weapons is unlike most others you’ll find in Watch Dogs: Legion. The Desert Eagle and G36 are super accurate and super deadly, whereas much of DedSec’s repertoire consists of non-lethal options like stun guns and electric mines. If you don’t mind a bit of blood, the Hitman packs a heck of a punch.


This unique skill allows for even faster takedown animations, like something you’ve probably seen in the John Wick series. With Guntaka, going stealth is made a bit easier with how swiftly you can one-shot unwitting enemies.

Combat Roll

Another unique skill for the Hitman is the ability to roll when you’re in combat. To use the Combat Roll, double-tap A/X while sprinting and your Hitman will stylishly roll around, gun in hand, sorta like that John Wick guy again. Yeah, the inspiration is obvious.

Albion Vendetta

This skill once more feels quite Wick-like in that it allows you to do more damage against your mortal enemies, in this case Albion, the Big Tech villains in Watch Dogs: Legion. Packing a punch like this could be the difference between life and death in the permadeath mode of Watch Dogs: Legion.

That’s everything you need to know about the Watch Dogs: Legion Hitman and how to recruit them for your own John Wick style operative. For more on Ubisoft’s latest dystopian sandbox, find all our guides here and our full review here

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