Watch Dogs Legion Spy Location Guide: How to Find Spies

There are countless character archetypes in Watch Dogs: Legion, but few are as stylish or helpful as the Spy. Here's where to find a Spy in Watch Dogs: Legion and add them to your team.

There are countless character archetypes in Watch Dogs: Legion, but few are as stylish or helpful as the Spy. Here's where to find a Spy in Watch Dogs: Legion and add them to your team.

From professional hitmen to game developers, houseless panhandlers, and even nanobot beekeepers, the Operatives in Watch Dogs: Legion are numerous in their archetypal roles, but one of the best operatives to unlock is the Watch Dogs: Legion Spy.

If you’re looking to add a bit of Bond-like flair to DedSec, this guide will show you where to find the Spy in Watch Dogs: Legion, as well as things like spy abilities and how to use the exclusive spy car, decked out with its own AR stealth cloak and guided missiles. 

Where to Find a Spy in Watch Dogs: Legion

As is the case with any Operatives in Legion, such as Hitmen, you can happen upon a Spy in the open world. Holding LB/L1 over any character in the game will show you some basic information like their skills, their opinion of DedSec, and their job.

It’s a fun way to see just how deep the game’s unique NPC (“now playable character”) system goes. This can be hit-or-miss if you’re looking for a specific kind of Operative though.

How to reliably find a spy

To more reliably find a Spy, you’ll want to turn a particular section of London Defiant.

A zone becomes Defiant after you complete all four uprising missions. Three missions in each zone are labeled as the red side quests on your map, and when you beat all three, you receive a fourth and final Defiance mission.

Finish that and you’ll find residents in that region are much more likely to lend a hand in your protest activities, and as a lovely bonus, you’ll unlock a particular kind of Operative.

The Spy Operative comes as a result of turning Westminster Defiant. The character’s name and appearance will differ but thankfully, they’ll always have the same much-desired Spy skills.

Watch Dogs: Legion Spy Skills Explained

The Spy comes with a pretty great list of skills that you’ll want to understand to use them to the best of their capabilities. Here’s the breakdown.

P9 Silenced

This silenced pistol makes for a great stealth option for players who don’t mind going the lethal route. The DedSec tech unlocks are almost entirely non-lethal, so if you’re looking for how to get weapons to put someone in a cemetery rather than a hospital, the Spy’s P9 is a go-to choice.

Spy Watch

Unique to the Spy is, of course, the Spy Watch. This gadget runs on a cooldown timer like most tech in the game and allows you to instantly jam enemy weapons within a certain area of effect. Be careful though, enemies can un-jam their weapons once they realize what’s going on, so take them down quickly while they’re left defenseless.

Spy Car

The Spy Car is perhaps the best part about recruiting a Spy to DedSec. Built like an Aston Martin, the Spy Car comes equipped with two very James Bond-like features: a cloaking device that turns your car invisible for 10 seconds, as well as front-facing guided missiles.

To use the cloak, simply press A/X, but be aware that it takes a cooldown timer before you can use it again. To use guided missiles, load them using RB/R1, and fire them thereafter with the same button. You’ll see a targeting reticule lock on to nearby vehicles, so fire when your enemy is in sight and enjoy the fireworks.

Perk: Physically Fit

This Spy perk lets your Spy take less damage than their counterparts. It’s great especially if you’re playing with permadeath activated. That extra bit of regenerative health could be the difference between life and death. You wouldn’t want to go through the trouble of recruiting the excellent Spy Operative only to lose them in a firefight. 

Now that you know how to get a Spy on your team in Watch Dogs: Legion, use our guides hub to discover more useful tips and tricks in London. If you found this guide helpful, please consider giving it a share! 

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