We Were Here Too Guide: How to Solve Puzzles as Lord

Find all the levers and solutions to all the puzzles from the perspective of the Lord in this guide to We Were Here Too.

Find all the levers and solutions to all the puzzles from the perspective of the Lord in this guide to We Were Here Too.
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About a year ago, indie developer Total Mayhem Games released free-to-play puzzle game We Were Here. Now you can try out the sequel, titled We Were Here Too, which offers a more advanced co-op puzzle experience for two players.

The task is to find the way out of the castle by solving various puzzles from a perspective of a Lord and his Peasant. If you can’t find the solution to some of the puzzles and don’t want to waste more time on them, then simply follow the guide from the Lord’s perspective below for all the info you need.

Room 1 Puzzle Solutions

We Were Here Too features all sorts of levers and locks

In order to leave the castle, you will have to pull the levers locked behind the doors in each room. In order to unlock the lever door in the first room as a Lord, you need to give your Peasant information about the three symbols, which you can find under the floor behind the bars.

As soon as your Peasant figures out the three symbols on his side of the castle, the door to the lever will be unlocked. Go inside and pull the first lever.

Coffins await in We Were Here Too

Then, look around and check another three symbols above the coffins in the same room, and give them to your Peasant. This will unlock the door to the next room.

Room 2 Puzzle Solutions

This book is basically its own little We Were Here Too Walkthrough

There are three puzzles in Room 2. The first one is a book with candles in the middle of the room. Walk up to it and describe the order of the candles to your Peasant, who has to light up the candles in that order on his side.

A glowing banner you'll need to describe

When your Peasant is done, the symbols on the banners in the room will start to glow. Describe them to your partner so he can solve them on his side. This will open the lever door in the second room, so go ahead and switch it on.

These are symbols you'll describe to the Peasant

Then, go behind the book with the candles and tell your Peasant the order of the symbols from left to right. It works like a compass, so this should be relatively easy.

Cubes to be placed on altars in We Were Here Too

Lastly, you will have to go through a series of chambers that hold wooden cubes with triangular signs on them. Your partner needs to tell you the position of these cubes, which you then need to place on an altar in each chamber.

As soon as you open all of them, the puzzle will be solved, and the door to the next room will be unlocked.

Room 3 Puzzle Solutions

A knight-themed puzzle in We Were Here Too

In the third room, the lever is located right in front as you enter the first hallway. Then, go further into the room and look at the knights holding weapons and shields at the walls, and describe them and the symbols above them to your partner. This will unlock the gates to the next room.

Room 4 Puzzle Solutions

This stained-glass picture will need to be described to the Peasant

The last lever can be found at the entrance of the room four to your right. Then, walk up to a wall with radiant stained-glass pictures. Describe them to a Peasant and their order.

A variation of chess to be found in We Were Here Too

After that, go to your left and walk up to a table with the chess-like game, which will become active after your partner manages to solve the previous puzzle.

Here you need to work with a Peasant, who must tell you how to move the pawn safely around the board. Just follow the instructions and you will eventually figure it out. As you progress, you will hear characteristic sound cues.

Help your partner get out of this maze with a unique overhead perspective

When the chess board drops, the door will open — go through it and you will see your partner from a balcony in some sort of a maze. Give him/her directions on how to leave the maze as quickly as possible.

Room 5 Puzzle Solutions

Align these symbols in We Were Here Too's fifth room

Here you also need to work with your partner to switch the wheels with symbols on both sides of the gate that separates you two.

When symbols on both sides align, the gate will open. Go to the other side of the gate, unlock the room with the lever using the same combination as the gates, and switch it on.

Room 6 Puzzle Solutions

Trying to reach the We Were Here Too ending via elevator

Finally, you can leave the castle via an elevator. But you need to switch on the rest of the levers:

  • one is located in the room to your left as you enter the elevator chamber
  • another one is at the top floor near the exit
  • the third one is at the bottom of the shaft, so drop on the roof of the elevator and you will be able to see it as you descend

In the end, use the elevator and go back up to the top floor, where you will see the open gateway to freedom.

If you can’t find all the levers, then one of you has to stay and let the other one go by steering the wheel at the bottom of the elevator shaft. But hopefully you will manage to switch all the levers.

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