What are the Best Horse Skills in Black Desert Online?

Want to know which skills will best fit your mount in BDO? Here's the rundown!

Want to know which skills will best fit your mount in BDO? Here's the rundown!

As players collect and upgrade horses in Black Desert Online, many have wondered about the best horse skills they need when participating in the game.

With players traveling from area to area in search of black stones, horseback riding is an important element of the game. Many times, users will spend day and night, rain or shine, traveling and engaging in combat with other players. As horses are essential, players scrimp and save to afford the best steed on the road to save their world while defeating others. (For more information about these mounts, check out our guide to taming and breeding horses in Black Desert Online.)

Not all horses are created equal, though — so knowing what skills will be helpful in the player’s journey is the key to success. Most forums are filled with people debating about which horse skills are best suited to your travels. But we’ve done the digging for you, and in this short guide we’ll go over the best skills your horses should have to you can use them to their fullest potential.

Best Skills for Horses in BDO

Instant Acceleration

Instant acceleration allows players to speed up while running. So you can gain speed without having to walk — which means that you can travel much more quickly from area to area. This is a key skill for horses to have, as it reduces your overall travel time and helps you grind quests and dungeons much faster without having to slog your way there.


Drift allows the horse to slide into a pause when the player is riding. In the game, this skill is valuable when having to maneuver around people or objects at a high-rate of speed. It’s especially useful if you really don’t feel like engaging with a group of enemies — so a horse with some Toyko Drift skills is a must-have.


Sprint allows the horse to instantly break into a gallop. With this skill, traveling can be much faster for you, greatly reducing the time it takes for you to reach a quest objective or simply get from Point A to Point B. When combined with Instant Acceleration, your horse will be lightning-quick and take you wherever you need to go in the shortest amount of time possible. 

These are some of the most talked-about and favored skills for horses in BDO. Check out the video above to see them all in action. Or visit the rest of our Black Desert Online guides to get even more tips for this popular MMO:

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