What is the LEGO Fortnite Squad and Server Size? Answered

The server size in LEGO Fortnite might be higher than you'd expect.

LEGO Fortnite men gathering.
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Just about any game is more fun with friends, and survival crafting games in particular are not usually a solo affair. In this guide, I’ll go over what the LEGO Fortnite squad size is, which is also what you could consider the server size.

LEGO Fortnite Squad Size Explained

So many multiplayer co-op games have a four-player cap these days, which works for smaller gaming groups but isn’t ideal for a group of friends. Fortnite itself has a massive player pool per match, but LEGO Fortnite is something else entirely. It doesn’t have the huge player cap the regular game does, but the server capacity is higher than some other co-op games.

LEGO Fortnite supports up to eight players in a world on release. You can see this exactly if you open the menu while in the world, under the Players tab. In the image below, I’m the only player in my world, and there are seven spots left for other players to join. I can also invite my friends, at least when they’re off of work.

The LEGO Fortnite invite players menu.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

What Are Multiplayer Keys in LEGO Fortnite?

On the right portion of the above menu, you can see how many Keys you have left remaining. Keys are what make the multiplayer in this survival excursion really stand out, as any player with a Key can join a shared world at any time.

Unlike Minecraft, Conan Exiles, or any other game within the genre, the worlds in LEGO Fortnite will always be available to join. There’s no need to rely on a host or look for server hosting. Any player the world owner gives a Key can join the world anytime, whether the host is around or not. This is because the game’s data is stored server-side rather than client-side, and because Epic Games can afford the astronomical server costs.

The LEGO Fortnite squad and server size is pretty generous, particularly if you take into consideration the fact that the world will always be available. That’s a full set of points in its favor over similar games, let me tell you. And also let me tell you that we have some pretty cool Fortnite guides and LEGO Fortnite guides here on GameSkinny that are worth checking out to up your game.

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