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When Does The Finals Full Release? Answered

As the open beta draws to a close, let's see when does The Finals full release launch.

With the most recent playtest closing soon, you might be wondering when the full is launch coming out. So let’s talk about when does The Finals full release launch.

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This Embark game has amassed quite a following with its exciting fast-paced action and destructible terrain. The open beta is quite promising and even allows you to carry over progression into the full game.

When Is The Finals Full Release Launch?

As of now, the official release date for The Finals is unknown. That said, the game is expected sometime in December. The presumably final open beta is ending soon and Embark Studios will enter their final testing stages.

The neat part is that the game will be highly accessible on launch. First off, it’s available on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and Steam. Secondly, it’ll be completely free. In fact, the Battle Pass in the open beta is also free and unlocked tiers will be carried over to the full version.

Image via The Finals YouTube

Overall, I find the beta quite promising. It showcases the various weapons and class abilities as well as a new map and game mode. Bank-It has three teams competing against each other to see which group will collect the most coins through takedowns. We’ll see how the game will perform player-base-wise since Modern Warfare 3 is launching soon as well. However, The Finals will be a free-to-play title so I don’t expect any player base issues on launch.

To put a long story short, if you’re wondering when does The Finals full release launch, it’s around the end of 2023. For now, join the last days of the beta if you want to try the game before it comes out and unlock some goodies that’ll carry over. You can find more The Finals articles and guides right here.

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