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Where is the RFK Location in WoW Classic?

Here's where to find RFK in WoW Classic.

Razorfen Kraul (RFK) and some of Scarlet Monastery (SM) make up a fair portion of our dungeon runs in Season of Discovery Phase 2, leading up to the 10-man Gnomeregan raid revamp. Here’s where to find RFK in WoW Classic.

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Where to Find Razorfen Kraul in WoW Classic Season of Discovery

RFK is a Level 30 through Level 40 dungeon in the Southern Barrens, at the border to Thousand Needles. Level 29 characters geared up from Blackfathom Deeps should be able to run it without many problems, perhaps even Level 28 characters. The road to the Razorfen Kraul location is literally a long one, as it requires a run from Camp Taurajo to reach it.

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How to Get to RFK as a Horde Character

When you reach the Crossroads in the Barrens, your route to the RFK location is straight down the road to the southernmost portion of the map. If you’re coming from Thunderbluff, the same can be said for Camp Taurajo. You’re running as far south on the map, sticking to the road.

You can find RFK in the brambles to the right before you reach the border to Thousand Needles. It’s a little faster to go to RFK from the Thousand Needles flight path if you take the time to unlock it.

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How to Get to RFK as an Alliance Character

Coming from Ratchet is the safest starting place for Alliance characters heading to Razorfen Kraul, rather than running south from Ashenvale. After reaching Ratchet by ship or flight path, you need to head toward the road in the middle of the Barrens, then head south. It’s prudent to avoid the road during this run to avoid unnecessary conflict, but a couple of fights along the way might be fun.

That’s it for where to find RFK in WoW Classic. Check out more of our guides on the game, including Season of Discovery, here on GameSkinny.

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