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Spider-Man 2: Where to Find Aunt May’s Grave

Here's where to find the location of Aunt May's grave in Spider-Man 2.

The ripple effect of Aunt May’s Death in 2018’s Spider-Man reverberates through the narrative of Spider-Man 2. Peter still struggles with her passing and fights with the repercussions of his choice. It makes sense he would want to visit her final resting place. Here’s where to find Aunt May’s grave.

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Aunt May’s Grave Location in Spider-Man 2

To find Aunt May’s grave, you’ll need to go to Harlem, the district in the northwestern corner of the map. In the northwest portion of Harlem, you’ll see a piece of land that juts up into the bay. There, you’ll find a church with a cemetery connected to it on its left/western side. There’s another cemetery southwest and across the street from the church, but that’s not what we’re looking for.

With the church on your right, you’ll see a medium-sized spire in the center of the cemetery. Use that as your starting point and climb over the wall across the path behind it. You’ll find yourself in a stone square with several graves. Go up the steps in front of you and through another square with more graves.

Beyond that second square, you’ll see a grove of trees and the far edge of the cemetery, which abuts a path along the bay. Aunt May’s grave is the one with the flowers and a candle in the center of three obelisks. She rests next to Uncle Ben, as it should be. Look for the white circle with a yellow border that appears, marking its location when you get close. Press Triangle to interact with it.

Alternate Path to Aunt May’s Grave

If you’re having trouble finding it, follow these steps from a different direction:

  • Follow the path just to the left of the church toward the giant rocks along the hillside.
  • Go up the rocks, and turn left at the top.
  • You’ll see two cross headstones, an obelisk, and several small mausoleums in a grove of trees.
  • Just beyond that are the graves of Aunt May and Uncle Ben.

If you interact with Aunt May’s grave as Miles, you’ll get a very brief cinematic in which he pays his respects and says she always helped people. However, we’ll want to interact with Aunt May’s grave as Peter, who has a slightly longer cinematic. He talks about Harry and the foundation, and when that’s done, you’ll get the trophy called “You Know What to do.”

That’s where to find Aunt May’s grave in Spider-Man 2. There are plenty of touching moments between Peter and his mother figure in the game, and this is just one of them that brings more closure to her death from Devil’s Breath in the 2018 game. For more tips and tricks, head over to our guides hub.

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