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Where to Find Best Thief Gear Early in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Here's where to find best Thief gear early in Dragon's Dogma 2.

If you choose to walk to the capital yourself instead of taking the ox cart, there’s some great Thief gear you can score along the way. I’ll show you a mini-dungeon for free loot and a Thief-themed merchant. Here’s where to find great Thief gear early in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

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Best Early Game Thief Gear in Dragon’s Dogma 2

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As you’re finishing up your trip to the capital, if you choose not to take the ox cart, you’ll naturally reach the ruined keep location I marked on the map through the main road. For those who took the ox cart and fast traveled to the capital, you can simply go back to this location. Follow the main road northeast of the Vernworth capital to reach it in a few minutes of sprinting.

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The location in question is a small ruined keep full of bandits and treasure chests by the side of the road. I defeated the bandits easily with just my Thief Arisen and a main Fighter pawn. Once you do, go into the ruined keep and loot the two chests on the roof. Inside, you’ll find Stilettos, which are an excellent Thief weapon in the early game and decent Thief leg armor.

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The Stilettos will be your best Thief weapon until later when the Vernworth shops restock after unlocking the Warrior and Sorcerer. There’s also a secret room in the keep that you can access by going down the ladder in one of the two keep rooms. I descended the ladder and went behind the shelf in the basement, where I found a chest with a ton of gold and some crafting materials and consumables.

Best Thief Weapons and Armor Early in Dragon’s Dogma 2

On the other hand, if you have some coin to spend, here’s a village location where you’ll find the best Thief gear merchant in Dragon’s Dogma 2’s early game. Go to this village and find the Nameless Apothecary who’ll see you some of the best weapons and armor for Thieves. If you go up the main path to the manor at the top of the village, you’ll also find the Thief Maister who can teach you this vocation’s ultimate skill once you reach Rank 7 in the class.

Once you loot or buy everything, the capital of Vernworth is just a few minutes away. That concludes my guide on where to find great Thief gear early in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Visit our Dragon’s Dogma 2 hub for more guides.

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