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Where to Find Mirelurk Queen in Fallout 76

If you need Mirelurk Queen parts or a photo, here's where to find one in Fallout 76.

Mirelurk Queens are one of the harder enemies in Fallout 76. Not only do they hid in the water, ambushing those that attack their brood, they also happen to be huge. They’ve got a thick hide and can shoot vision blurring sludge from a distance. This is in addition to various Mirelurks, Mirelurk Hunters and Mirelurk Kings that can come to her defense. If your heart is set on taking a Mirelurk Queen, here’s where to find one in Fallout 76.

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Where to Find a Mirelurk Queen

Known Locations

Mirelurk Queens are found in deep waters. You’ll always find one at:

  • Quarry X3
  • Spruce Knob Lake
  • Sunrise Field
  • Mac’s Farm
  • Cranberry Glades
  • Highland Marsh

Potential Spawn Points

Though there are multiple permanent spawn locations, a queen can potentially spawn at the following places:

  • Toxic Dried Lakebed, typically on the small island in the middle near Kiddie Korner Cabins
  • The Freak Show

A Mirelurk Queen can also spawn during these events:

  • Primal Cuts
  • Heart of the Swamp
  • Swarm of Suitors

How to Kill a Mirelurk Queen

Before engaging the queen, it’s a good idea to clear the area of other hostiles. Mirelurk Kings can go invisible, so be wary while scouting. Once the other Mirelurks are dead, if the queen hasn’t shown herself, you can lob some grenades into the water to find her. Getting close to the water should also draw her ire, pulling her from the depths.

Mirelurk Queens are immune to Poison and Radiation damage. They’re also highly resistant to Cryo and Fire damage. The best type of weapon to take to this fight is an energy weapon, as it’s the least resistant damage type across all the variations you can encounter.

You want to keep moving as the acid spray she shoots forms a pool on the ground dealing damage over time. The spray blurs your vision, as well, making it harder to aim. Keep your distance as she moves extremely slow, giving you an opening while she gets back in range of you.

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Why Hunt Mirelurk Queens

There’s a few different reasons to hunt for a queen. From completing daily quests, to gathering meat to cook, killing a Mirelurk Queen is more than just bragging rights. If you need to find a Mirelurk King or Mirelurk Hunter, heading to a queen spawn point can make finding those creatures easier as well.

Mirelurk Queen Loot

Once dead, a Mirelurk Queen will drop the following:

  • Queen Mirelurk Meat

A glowing Mirelurk Queen can also drop:

  • Nuclear Waste
  • Glowing Meat
  • Glowing Blood

Daily Quests and Challenges

There are a few daily quests, as well as some challenges, that can involve a Mirelurk Queen.

  • Queen of the Hunt: You could be tasked with killing one
  • Ohio River Adventures: You can sell 1 Queen Mirelurk Meat to Blackeye once a day to increase reputation with the Raiders
  • Play Time: If you need Mirelurk Meat, the queen meat will count
  • Thrill of the Grill: You may be tasked with getting Queen Mirelurk Meat for the chef at Hemlock Holes
  • Killing a Mirelurk Queen can be a Challenge
  • Taking a Photo of a Mirelurk Queen can be a Challenge

That’s where to find a Mirelurk Queen and how to kill her in Fallout 76. If you need more help with daily quests, finding other creatures of Appalachia, or crafting various recipes, check out our full guide vault, sans acidic spit pools.

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