Why Your League of Legends Harrowing Mystery Gifting Isn’t Working?

Can't figure out why your League of Legends Mystery Gift isn't happening? I think I have the answer.
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One of the add-on’s that accompanied the Harrowing event in League of Legends was Mystery Gifting. This cool feature allows you to gift a fellow summoner a surprise gift: for 490 RP, you can send them a random skin worth at least 520 RP for a Champion they own. This could include rare and legacy skins, which makes it an attractive premise. 

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The great thing about Mystery Gifting is that it also includes a couple of skins, like Annie in Wonderland, that you can’t purchase. There are a few specifications that must be met; the gift reciever must be above Level 10, and cannot give or recieve more than 3 gifts a day. Probably to stop Smurf accounts, etc. 

However, while trying to gift a friend, you might have seen this screen: 

You are unable to send this gift for one of the following reasons: 

  • Player has received their daily maximum of gifts of this type.
  • Players must be level 10 or above to recieve a gift of this type.
  • The player sending the gift must be at least level 20.

You might be, as I was, confused. I am Level 10, actually leveled up specifically for the Harrowing Mystery Gifting, and the person I was gifting too was also Level 10. So what is this witchcraft that is prohibiting me from accessing the Mystery Gifting service? 

A quick check of the forums revealed two things. First, I was not alone in thinking that I could Mystery Gift. After all, it showed up as something I could do when I logged into the store. Secondly, that you have to be Level 20 to engage in Mystery Gifting. 

Where is this explained? Check out the Mystery Gifting FAQ

So if you haven’t been able to do Mystery Gifting, get on leveling up your character. The Harrowing event, and therefore Mystery Gifting, ends on the 12. It will be unavailable after that point. 

Do you think that Riot was misleading about  Mystery Gifting? Sound off in the comments below. 

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