Wild Hearts: All Monsters and Their Weaknesses

Hunting Kemono in Wild Hearts can be a daunting task. Here are the weaknesses for all Kemono.

Hunting Kemono in Wild Hearts can be a daunting task. Here are the weaknesses for all Kemono.

The giant Kemono in Wild Hearts are a challenge, but knowing their weaknesses will give you an edge in your hunts just as in a certain other game where you hunt giant monsters. We’ll go over every giant Kemono weakness in this guide.

Wild Hearts Kemono Weaknesses

Amaterasu Weakness

Amaterasu is weak to slashing and pummeling damage. The harpoon Karakuri is especially useful in this hunt. It is also weak to Wind elemental damage.

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Cobalt Lavaback Weakness

The Cobalt Lavaback is the colder, hardier relative of the Lavaback. Water and piercing damage will do you well here.

Deathstalker Weakness

The first giant Kemono seen in the game, the Deathstalker is weak to piercing weapons and fire elemental damage. 

Dreadclaw Weakness

Dreadclaw is weak to slashing weapons, and anything imbued with fire elemental damage will deal massive damage. 

Earthbreaker Weakness

A giant Kemono featured in the some of the opening cinematics of Wild Hearts, the Earthbreaker is weak to wind damage. Weapons with piercing and pummeling are the best bet for this hunt. 

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Emberplume Weakness

Earth and water are the elements to go with for this hunt. Equip slashing and piercing weapons as well. 

Fumebeak Weakness

Piercing weapons should be used against Fumebeak. It is also weak to earth elemental damage. 

Golden Tempest Weakness

Fire and earth damage are the elements the Golden Tempest is weak to. Piercing weapons will also do the most damage over other weapon types. 

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Goldshard Weakness

To beat the Goldshard, employ plant and wind elements, as well as piercing and pummeling weapons. 

Gritdog Weakness

The Gritdog is weak to wind elemental damage. Slashing and piercing weapons will also do best. 

Icetusk Weakness

Fire is the bane of Icetusk and should be used extensively in this hunt along  with piercing or pummeling weapons. 

Kingtusk Weakness

Kingtusk, the relative of Icetusk, is also weak to fire damage and piercing weapons. Unlike Icetusk, you can use slashing weapons to great effect. 

Lavaback Weakness

Slashing and pummeling weapons are the best when facing off against a Lavaback. Water damage will have the best effect. 

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Onyxshard Weakness

Use piercing and pummeling weapons, as well as plant and wind damage.

Pearlbeak Weakness

Another flying Kemono, Pearlbeakl is weak to earth, pummeling and piercing damage. Use the harpoon Karakuri if you are struggling in this hunt.

Ragetail Weakness

The first Kemono you are expected to beat in the game, the Ragetail is weak to fire, as well as pummeling and slashing weapons. 

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Ripclaw Weakness

Use the torch Karakuri against the Ripclaw as it is weak to fire elemental damage. Slashing weapons will also work well here. 

Sapscourge Weakness

Slashing weapons will deal the most damage against the Sapscourge. Fire elemental damage is the best to go with. 

Spineglider Weakness

Fire and plant elemental damage is best served here. Only pummeling weapons will do extra damage, as well. 

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Sporetail Weakness

Sporetail is weak to pummeling and slashing damage, while fire will inflict the most elemental damage. 

Venomglider Weakness

The Venomglider is weak to plant and fire damage, and pummeling weapons will do you well.

Mighty Kemono Weaknesses

Available after finishing chapter 2, Mighty Kemono are buffed versions of their normal counterparts. Mighty Kemono share the same weaknesses and can be beaten with roughly the same strategies. 

Those are all the weaknesses, both for weapons and elemental damage, of the Giant Kemono in Wild Hearts. For in depth battle strategies, guides and more, check out our Wild Hearts hub

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