WildStar Adventure Guide: Hycrest Insurrection (Exiles)

Check this guide out for a full explanation of the Hycrest Insurrection Adventure in WildStar!

Hycrest Insurrection is the first Adventure on the Exiles side in WildStar. It becomes available at level 15. I’m here to explain the adventure, the different routes available, and suggested routes to take based on ease/quickness.

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This guide will cover everything about the Hycrest Insurrection Adventure including:

  • Final Bosses – Which bosses you fight at the end and which scenarios to pick to get them.
  • Scenarios – Each scenario and what you do in each.

Final Bosses

For those that just want to know the final bosses and which selection to get each, here they are. I also rate each about how difficult I thought they were.

  • Arsenax Severus Choose Raid Warning at the end. (Easiest)
  • Lieutenant Feraakh – Choose The Underground at the end. (Normal)
  • Supressionbot MK. II – Choose Clearance at the end. (Hardest)


In Adventures, there are times the part votes on a scenario. The choice with the most votes gets selected.

In Hycrest Insurrection, there are 3 different occasions you vote on a scenario. There are also 3 different scenarios to choose from each time.

1st Scenario Choice

The Farmer’s Daughter

  • This scenario involves finding the famer and his daughter and saving them. You’ll have to fight enemies at their locations and a giant robot. This is the easiest in my opinion.

The Science of Revenge

  • This scenerio starts off easy enough, just kill 3 scientists. It gets harder afterwards when you have to kill Twitchy in a boss fight.

Leveling the Field

  • You have to collect tech parts in this one and take them back to the designated location on the map. This is the longest one in my opinion.

After completing one of these scenarios you have to regroup, then you vote on your 2nd choice.

2nd Scenario Choice

The Great Escape

  • This selection requires you to escort 3 families to safety. At the end of each family’s trip, you have to kill enemies until the objective completes. This is the longest one in my opinion because you have to wait for the families to get to each location.

The Keymaster

  • Pretty simple. Go to the location in town and fight a few enemies in waves. You get the codes afterwards. This is the easiest one in my opinion.


  • In this, you free farmers and fight enemies while they get to safety.
  • After that you have to kill more enemies, then use rockets to reach the Chua warblimp.
  • Finally, interact with all the object on the blimp before time runs out to move on.

After your second choice is over, you have to regroup again. Instead of choosing again, another scenario starts. This depends on your 1st and 2nd choice. It also determines what is available for your final choice.

Note: There are several possible outcomes and some may be missing. I can confirm what I’ve witnessed, but let me know if any are missing.

The Thresher Initiative 

  • This comes after choosing The Science of Revenge, then The Keymaster or The Farmer’s Daughter, then Jailbreak.
  • You have to investigate disappearances at 2 locations.
  • After that, you got to a basement and kill the people there to move on.
  • You regroup when you’re done. This also gives you all three choices at the end.

Breach of Protocol

  • This comes after choosing The Farmer’s Daughter, then The Keymaster.
  • You have to survive an ambush and fight Aresenax Severus until he leves.
  • Afterwards you regroup. This only gives you the choice between Clearance and Raid Warning at the end.

Midnight Counterstrike

  • This comes after choosing The Science of Revenge, then Jailbreak.
  • You have to gather weapon parts and take them back to the NPC.
  • This only gives you the choice of The Underground and Raid Warning at the end.

3rd Scenario Choice

Raid Warning

  • This one involves disarming 3 weapon skiff by doing memory commands at each location.
  • After each one, you fight enemies. Regroup after all 3 get disarmed.

This leads to Priority Target with the final boss Arsenax Severus. This is the easiest one in my opinion.

  • Priority Target 
    • Disable 3 security systems at the start, then head to the rallying point.
    • After going to the rallying point, you face Arsenax Severus in the final battle.

The Underground

  • You have to go underground, shocking right? Once there, get the datadisk.
  • You have to dodge explosions and fire on the way there and back
  • Also on the way back, you fight a group of enemies ebfore moving on.

This leads to Coup de Grace with the final boss, Lieutenant Feraakh.

  • Coup de Grace
    • Protect Lysion while he hacks the Warblimp controls.
    • you have 3 waves of enemies to defeat. the third wave is a boss named Twilo.
    • Next, you have to kill Major Rhadman in town.
    • Once he’s dead, finally go kill Lieutenant Feraakh to finish.


  • You have to kill enemies and plant explosives on a transport.
  • This is timed and you fail if you run out of time.
  • After all the enemies die, you can plant the explosives.

This leads to All Aboard with the final boss, Supressionbot MK. II. This is the hardest one in my opinion.

  • All Aboard
    • Defeat waves of enemies until the boss comes out.
    • Supressionbot is huge and has so many telegraphs that go all over the battlefield.

That wraps up the Hycrest Insurrection Adventure. If you have any questions, or see anything I missed, please let me know in the comments below!

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