Win Trivia Crack Every Time With This Cheat

Win against anyone on Trivia Crack with these simple tips.

Win against anyone on Trivia Crack with these simple tips.

Trivia Crack has exploded in the past month on most mobile platforms such as Facebook, iOS, and Android. With this explosion of popularity there have been matches that you have lost to the same person over, over, and over again. The time has come for you to take revenge.

In this small guide you will learn how to be able to answer every question correctly thus never loosing again. Keep in mind this has only been tested on the “free” version of the game and on iOS and Android; specifically Droid Turbo and iPhone 6.

 Step 1

If you read the question and know the answer this is a waste of time. However once you get the question incorrect you are prompted to tap one of three options; (1) Thumbs Down or Boring, (2) Thumbs Up or Fun, lastly  (3) Continue. DO NOT TAP ANY OPTIONS! At this point your screen should look similar to the picture below.


Step 2

At this point you can think outside of the game. Press the application manager button on your phone for Android users or double tap the home button on iPhone to pull up application management. In the running applications list you will find Trivia Crack. Just close the running Trivia Crack application.


Step 3

Start Trivia Crack again. Be sure to go into the same game and it should pull the same question from the database. Keep in mind if you are going for a crown choose the same category for the crown and you will get the same question. 


With these simple little steps you will win every game you play. Sure it may take the fun out of some of it, but it will be so nice getting sweet revenge on those players you can never seem to beat. 

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Eric Nicolai

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