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When Does WoW: SoD Phase 2 Start? Release Time and Date Details

When will we see Phase 2 come to World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery? Very soon!

We’ve had more than enough time to get to Level 25 and prepare for the next SoD phase. Now we’re here at the cusp of SoD Phase 2. With the release date on February 8, let’s dig into the World of Warcraft Classic: Season of Discovery Phase 2 release time.

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WoW Classic: Season of Discovery Release Time and Date

Blizzard announced to much fanfare last month that WoW SoD Phase 2 will release on February 8, 2024 at 1 p.m. PST. We had to wait a while longer for a solid Phase 2 release time, which the developers announced just last week.

What Time Does WoW SoD Phase 2 Launch and Go Live?

We’ll tackle the newly-tooled Gnomergan raid at Level 40 in no time. Here are the exact SoD Phase 2 release times by timezone:

TimezoneRelease Time
Pacific (PST)1 p.m.
Central (CST)3 p.m.
Eastern (EST)4 p.m.
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)9 p.m.
Central European (CET)10 p.m.
Eastern European (EET)11 p.m.
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How Long Will World of Warcraft Season of Discovery Phase 2 Be? When is Phase 3 Coming?

According to the SoD and Cataclysm Classic roadmap that Blizzard released previously, SoD Phase 2 lasts until spring 2024, when Phase 3 is scheduled for release. Season of Discovery Phase 3 will also raise the level cap again, but only to Level 50 this time.

However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t content to explore between phases, especially since each phase includes a new raid and the content associated with those levels in the original game.

I look forward to seeing which dungeon becomes a raid next, and how it combines the feeling of nostalgia with the fresh take of SoD. Maybe Scarlet Monastery?

That covers what we know about the World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery Phase 2 release time and date. I’m personally excited to revisit raids like Ahn’Qiraj, which included one of the most difficult WoW bosses ever at its initial release date. But in the meantime, be sure to check out our WoW Classic guides hub and Season of Discovery guides hub for more topics like 10 ways to prep for SoD Phase 2!

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