Check this guide to find out how to unlock new artifact traits and knowledge in Legion patch 7.2!

World of Warcraft Legion 7.2: How to Unlock New Artifact Traits and Knowledge

Check this guide to find out how to unlock new artifact traits and knowledge in Legion patch 7.2!
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The latest patch for World of Warcraft: Legion adds plenty of new content and features. One of the most notable changes is the ability to unlock new artifact traits and raise your artifact knowledge from 25-50. There are also new quests on the Broken Shore and a new faction.

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All of this leads to unlocking the new features for your artifact, but it is easy to miss what you actually need to do. I’m going to go over exactly how to unlock the new traits and knowledge.

How to Unlock new Artifact Traits and Knowledge in Legion 7.2

There are a few things you need before you can even begin:

  • Weapon at 35 traits or higher
  • Artifact Knowledge at 25

If you have at least that, you will be able to unlock the new traits and knowledge after a couple of quest lines.

Unlocking the Broken Shore

First you will need to get to the Broken Shore. You can get the starting quest from Khadgar in Dalaran. You can open the dungeon journal to accept the quest if you don’t see it when you log in. This leads to a new scenario, which puts you on the Broken Shore afterwards.

Next you will be able to get the “Seeking Lost Knowledge” quest. Pick up the other quests as well, so you can do them on your way to this quest.

wow legion 7.2 new artifact traits

  • The locations of the knowledge are near Aalgen Point. You will need to go north a bit, then up a ramp on the mountain.
  • You will need to either click the ghostly head, or use the quest item at each spot.
Unlocking more Artifact Knowledge

After you get all 3 locations, go back to Khadgar at Deliverance Point to turn the quest in. This leads to going back to your class order hall to turn in another quest, which rewards artifact knowledge 26 from an item and the ability to place more artifact knowledge work orders so you can raise it to a max of 50.

Unlocking new Artifact Traits

You will notice that there is nothing else after the quest to start new work orders. The game does not tell you, but you will need to go back to Deliverance Point on the Broken Shore to pick up a new quest from Khadgar.

wow legion 7.2 the broken shore investigating the legion

This quest is called “The Broken Shore: Investigating the Legion”, and requires you to find an item on the Broken Shore. Simply kill enemies until you get the drop then return to Khadgar to turn in the quest.

Now you can finally start your weapon questlines. Your next quest requires you to go back to Dalaran to talk to the Council of the Six.

After some short dialogue quests, you will be able to pick up individual quests for each of your specializations. Again, these will only be available for your weapons that are at 35 traits or higher, and each one is separate.

Once you complete the questline for your weapon, you will need to go back to Dalaran to turn it in. They will eventually ask you to raise your weapon. To this, step back into the big circle and wait for the Extra Action button to appear.

When the quest is complete, it will show a new area with new traits on your weapon. You will also get refunded all of the artifact power that you put in past trait 35, and your weapon gets reset back to 35.

The next trait will cost a little less than 2 million artifact power, and the one after that jumps to 10 million. Luckily you gain much more power now, and it will greatly increase in the the coming weeks. There will also be additional ranks for traits that originally had 3 ranks.

That’s all you need to know to unlock your new artifact traits and knowledge in WoW Legion Patch 7.2. Let me know if you have any questions!

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