Check this article out for everything you need to know about Class Order Halls in World of Warcraft: Legion!

World of Warcraft Legion: Everything We Know about Class Order Halls

Check this article out for everything you need to know about Class Order Halls in World of Warcraft: Legion!
This article is over 7 years old and may contain outdated information

Class Order Halls in the Legion expansion for World of Warcraft are as important as the new artifact weapons. Each class has their own hall, and things to do when you visit them.

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These halls are located in specific places that tie into the lore and cosmetics of each class. For example, the Death Knight Order Hall is located in Ebon Hold — an important lore location for Death Knights and a place they always go to for runeforging.

I’m going to go over everything we know about how Class Order Halls will work in Legion and the Order Halls for each class.

What to do at the Order Hall

  • One of the biggest uses for Order Halls is gaining artifact knowledge.

At level 110 you can start getting artifact knowledge from your Order Hall. This increases how much artifact power you can get, and it stacks.

It takes 5 days each time, so it is important to start this as soon as you can. If you fall behind, there is a catch-up mechanic in place that lowers the time until you’re caught up.

You can also refund your Artifact traits from the Order Hall, though it is very costly.

  • Change your Artifact appearance

WoW Legion Artifact Weapon Skins

Your order hall is the only place where you can choose a different variation of your weapon.

  • Order Hall Missions

These are like the garrison mission in Warlords of Draenor, but they don’t happen as often. They often give you items that start quests to go places, like in a dungeon.

  • Class Story Quests

Each class has their own story line separate from the normal quests you do in each zone in Legion. Your Order Hall is where you receive these missions.

  • Buy Transmog items, Cosmetics, and Order Hall gear sets from the quartermaster

These are specific items only your Order Hall sells. There are unique requirements for each piece in the gear set and for the upgrade items.

  • Head – Order Hall Quest
  • Wrist – Recruit 6 Champions
  • Hands – Reach Honored rep level with Nightfallen
  • Legs – Reach Revered rep level with 3 different Broken Isles factions
  • Feet – Defeat the final boss in every Legion dungeon
  • Chest – Complete all your Order Hall class story quests
  • Waist – Earn 50,000 total Artifact Power
  • Shoulders – Reach Exalted rep level with Nightfallen

All Class Order Halls

In this section, I’ll list each Order Hall and how to get there. Most of the classes have a portal somewhere in Dalaran to take them there.

Death Knight
  • The Ebon Hold – Death Knights get a spell called Death Gate, which opens a portal for them to go to their Order Hall.
Demon Hunter
  • The Fel Hammer – Use the class Glide ability from Krasus Landing in Dalaran to reach a nearby island, then take the portal.
  • The Dreamgrove – Use the class teleport ability, Dreamwalk.
  • Trueshot Lodge – They have their own flight network. Talk to Talua in Dalaran to fly there.
  • Hall of the Guardian – Use the class teleport ability to get there.
  • Temple of Five Dawns – Use the class teleport ability to get there.
  • Sanctum of Light – Go to Greyfang Enclave for the portal if you are Alliance, and Windrunner’s Sanctuary if you are Horde.

  • Netherlight Temple – Same as Paladins. Go to Greyfang Enclave for the portal if you are Alliance, and Windrunner’s Sanctuary if you are Horde.
  • Chamber of Shadows – Show an insignia to shopkeepers around Dalaran. The shops with ravens over it are the ones you need to visit.
  • The Maelstrom – The portal is near the flight path in Krasus Landing.
  • Dreadscar Rift – There is a pathway in the sewers that leads to the portal.
  • Skyhold – Stand in the Val’kyr’s light at Krasus Landing, then you’ll get a button to press to go to the Order Hall.

Upgrading Order Halls

You can upgrade your Order Hall through 6 tiers. Each tier has a level and Order Resource requirement.

  • 1st Tier – Requires level 100 and 50 resources.
    • You can choose between  increasing the chance of item upgrades from quests, or mission success rate for the first Order Hall mission of the day.
  • 2nd Tier – Requires level 105 and 500 resources
    • Class perk or increase to mission success.
  • 3rd Tier – Requires level 110 and 1,000 resources
    • Increases the max number of recruits, or unlocks missions for Champion(followers) equipment.
  • 4th Tier – Requires level 110 and 10,000 resources
    • Choice on how to improve your troops
  • 5th Tier – Requires level 110 and 12,500 resources
    • Misc. choices, like instantly completing a World Quest, or gaining a bonus roll for raid loot.
  • 6th Tier – Requires level 110 and 15,000 resources
    • Increases the number of legendary items you can equip and required before you can unlock the 3rd artifact relic slot.

That’s it for the Class Order Hall info for Legion. Let me know if you have any questions or additional info to give!

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