World of Warcraft has released some awesome new mounts. Check out this guide on how to snag the Biletooth Gnasher!

WoW 7.3 Guide: How to Get the Biletooth Gnasher Mount

World of Warcraft has released some awesome new mounts. Check out this guide on how to snag the Biletooth Gnasher!

World of Warcrafts latest 7.3: Shadow of Argus patch introduces a load of new content into the prolific MMO. This of course means new loot to grind the hours away for, one of the cooler looking drops being the Biletooth Gnasher mount. Thankfully, this mount is far more simple to acquire than some of the other mounts in the update. This guide will help you snag one of these demonic beasts for you and your toons.

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So far it’s been confirmed that the Gnasher drops from 3 rare-elite enemies on Argus in the Antoran Wastes section of the map. Each of these elite enemies can be killed once per day, per character for a chance at the mount dropping.

Those elites are:

Vrax’Thul (Coordinates: 53.1 , 35.8)

Just find and kill Vrax for a chance at the Biletooth Gnasher.

Puscilla and Mother Rosula (Coordinates 65.5 , 26.6)

These two elite enemies are located within pretty close proximity of each other inside a cave. Puscilla is another straightforward find-and-kill job. Rosula however, requires a little more effort to kill.

First of all you’ll have to kill Imps that spawn in the cave to collect the Imp Meat drop. Once you collect 100 Imp Meats, right click them to convert them into a Disgusting Feast. Now go to Rosula’s green pool and place the feast in front of it to spawn Mother Rosula. Then just kill her and hope for that rare drop.

It’s unconfirmed, but many players speculate that the drop rate is between 5 and 10 percent for Mother Rosula and Vrax’Thul. Due to most players reportedly having received their mount from Puscilla, it’s likely that she has a higher drop rate.

Now that you know the method to getting your own Biletooth Gnasher, let the grind begin! Keep at it until you get your drop so you can explore the latest WoW update in style.

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