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WoW Classic Skinning Trainer Locations in WoW SoD and Hardcore

Gather skins for Leatherworking or to make gold as a Skinner in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery and Hardcore!

There are multiple reasons you might be searching for a Skinning Trainer. If you’re a Leatherworker, then Skinning will save you gold since you won’t have to purchase materials. Or you might want to sell reagents yourself. Here are all Skinning Trainer locations in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery and Hardcore.

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All Skinning Trainer Locations in WoW Classic Season of Discovery and Hardcore

Before you can skin anything, you’ll need to purchase a Skinning Knife. You also need more bag space because you can only skin dead beasts that have been completely looted.

Skinning Supplies Vendor WoW
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If you’re playing on a Seasonal Server, you can only level a profession to 150 during Phase 1. However, that cap will likely increase when the next Phase rolls out. On Hardcore, you don’t have the same limitations, so you can level through to Expert. And unlike crafting professions, you can learn each stage of gathering from any of the trainers.

Alliance Skinning Trainers

Trainer NameTrainer Location
Balthus Stoneflayer
The Great Forge in Ironforge (40, 33)
WoW Ironforge Skinner
Craftsmen’s Terrace in Darnassus (64, 22)
WoW Darnassus Skinner
Helene Peltskinner
Goldshire in Elwynn Forest (46, 62)
WoW Elwynn Forest Skinner
Maris Granger
Old Town in Stormwind City (68, 49)
WoW Stormwind Skinner
Radnaal Maneweaver
Road to Darnassus in Teldrassil (42, 50)
WoW Teldrassil Skinner
Wilma Ranthal
Redridge Mountains (89, 71)
WoW Redridge Skinner
Silverwind Refuge in Ashenvale (50, 67)
WoW Ashenvale Skinner
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Horde Skinning Trainers

Trainer NameTrainer Location
Killian Hagey
Rogue’s Quarter in Undercity (71, 59)
WoW Undercity Skinner
Stonehorn Camp Mojache in Feralas (74, 43)
WoW Feralas Skinner
Shadowprey Village in Desolace (23, 70)
WoW Desolace Skinner
Thunder Bluff (45, 44)
WoW Thunder Bluff Skinner
Rand Rhobart
Outside Undercity in Tirisfal Glades (65, 60)
WoW Tirisfal Glades Skinner
The Drag in Orgrimmar (63, 45)
WoW Orgrimmar Skinner
Yonn Deepcut
Bloodhoof Village in Mulgore (46, 58)
WoW Mulgore Skinner
Camp Taurajo in The Barrens (45, 59)
WoW The Barrens Skinner
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And that covers the locations for all Skinning Trainers in WoW Classic Season of Discovery and Hardcore. Although it’s best paired with Leatherworking, grabbing two gathering professions is a great way to farm gold. But from here, make sure you head to our WoW Classic guides hub and WoW Season of Discovery guides hub for more topics.

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