The Margoz NPC found in WoW Classic.
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WoW Classic: Where to Find Margoz in WoW SoD and Hardcore

Margoz is easier to find than you might think. Here's where this WoW Classic NPC is hiding.

The Margoz quest is one that should just come and go, being that it’s the segue quest between Razor Hill, the cultists at Skull Rock, and Orgrimmar. In this guide, I’ll go over where to find Margoz in WoW Classic, whether you’re on SoD or Hardcore.

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How to Find Margoz in WoW Classic

Since both Season of Discovery and Hardcore are currently in vanilla content, this guide covers this quest in both Classic versions. The XP you’ll get from the quests related to Margoz is worth the effort, as are the rewards for the Skull Rock quest specifically unless you’re being seeded by higher level players.

You can find Margoz south of Skull Rock. It’s possible to exit Razor Hill from the east and run up to meet Margoz on your way to Skull Rock, but you’ll get into a few fights along the way. It’s easier to take the road leading up to Orgrimmar and then to make a right turn and sort of make a long U-turn to get to him. That’s my preferred route unless I’m really on a grind. In either case, there are a lot aggressive of level nine and 10 scorpions and raptors to either dodge or kill.

A map of Durotar with Margoz circled.
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Where to Find Skull Rock

From Margoz, you just head north and you’ll come across the Burning Blade’s cave. You can actually see it from where he’s set up camp. If you’re trying to kill Neeru Fireblade for the quest of the same name, you might want to get a party to get through the cave safely and to tag him first. The Burning Blade Orcs are Warlocks, so be prepared for a lot of spell spamming.

Skull Rock from Margoz's location.

That’s it for how to find Margoz in WoW Classic: SoD and Hardcore. Low level Hardcore players will want to be careful in here, but Season of Discovery ones shouldn’t have too tough of a time. Check out some more of our WoW Classic guides, and our WoW SoD guides, such as how to get Comprehension Charms.

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