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WoW Classic Zones by Level for SoD and Hardcore

There are 40 zones in classic Azeroth. Here are the level ranges for all WoW Classic zones.

Vanilla WoW launched with 40 zones across Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms, with the majority being contested territory. In this guide, I’ll go over all WoW Classic zones by level for Season of Discovery and Hardcore.

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What are the Level Ranges for Every Zone in WoW Classic Azeroth?

Out of the 40 zones across pre-Cataclysm Azeroth, only 11 are faction zones. The rest are contested and rife with PvP activity unless you’re playing on a PvE server. In Season of Discovery Phase 2, our level cap is 40. The last leveling zones will likely be Arathi Highlands, Desolace, Stranglethorn Vale or the Alterac Mountains. In our lists below, we’ve segmented them between Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms.

Kalimdor Zones by Level in WoW Classic

ZoneLevel RangeTerritory
Durotar1 to 10Horde
Mulgore1 to 10Horde
Teldrassil1 to 10Alliance
Darkshore10 to 20Alliance
The Barrens10 to 25Horde
Stonetalon Mountains15 to 27Contested
Ashenvale18 to 30Contested
Thousand Needles25 to 35Contested
Desolace30 to 40Contested
Dustwallow Marsh35 to 45Contested
Feralas40 to 50Contested
Tanaris40 to 50Contested
Azshara45 to 55Contested
Un’goro Crater48 to 55Contested
Felwood48 to 55Contested
Deadwind Pass55 to 60Contested
Moonglade55 to 60Contested
Silithus55 to 60Contested
Winterspring53 to 60Contested
The tavern and hanging shark in Booty Bay in WoW Classic
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WoW Classic Eastern Kingdoms Zones by Level

ZoneLevel RangeTerritory
Tirisfal Glades1 to 10Horde
Dun Morogh1 to 10Alliance
Elwynn Forest1 to 10Alliance
Loch Modan10 to 20Alliance
Westfall10 to 20Alliance
Silverpine Forest10 to 20Horde
Redridge Mountains15 to 25Contested
Duskwood18 to 30Contested
Wetlands20 to 30Contested
Hillsbrad Foothills20 to 35Contested
Alterac Mountains30 to 40Contested
Arathi Highlands30 to 40Contested
Stranglethorn Vale30 to 45Contested
Badlands35 to 45Contested
Swamp of Sorrows35 to 45Contested
Hinterlands40 to 50Contested
Searing Gorge45 to 50Contested
Blasted Lands45 to 55Contested
Burning Steppes50 to 58Contested
Western Plaguelands51 to 58Contested
Eastern Plaguelands53 to 60Contested

That’s it for all WoW Classic zones by level range. Getting between the two continents is easy, but we still won’t be able to safely traverse most of Azeroth in SoD Phase 2. Things will change when the level cap is raised to 50 with Phase 3, but there are still plenty of zones to quest and PvP up to level 40 in Phase 2. Check out more of our WoW Classic guides here on GameSkinny, such as how to install addons.

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