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10 WoW Locations Cataclysm Made Better

Deathwing brought a lot of destruction, but improvements came from it in WoW!

Deathwing caused a lot of damage to Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms. While these regions needed an update by that time, the results were a mix of improvements and disappointments. But let’s take a look at the positive changes. Here are 10 locations WoW: Cataclysm made better.

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WoW: 10 Locations Made Better by Cataclysm

10. Feralas

Feralas didn’t see nearly as much damage as other locations, but it received some welcome changes. Deathwing destroyed the islands where the original Alliance base was located, forcing them to create a new base on the coastline. Not having to go back and forth from an island to turn in and pick up quests is a welcome change. Plus, the Naga add a more interesting enemy to the zone.

9. The Barrens

The Barrens experienced some of the biggest changes from Deathwing, and the zone ended up being cut in half. Druids revitalized a fair portion of the north section. Meanwhile, the Alliance gained a stronger presence in the south section. It’s nice to see the world changing not just through destruction, but the efforts of characters, like Druids, working to improve the land.

8. Ashenvale

As a Horde main, I liked the greater Horde presence in Ashenvale that happened after the Cataclysm. However, the zone is rather damaged at this point. There’s now a volcano in the middle of the zone, which can be annoying to pass without a flying mount. Overall, the changes showed the shifting power dynamics and control over areas between the factions. While one faction gained in one region, they lost area in another.

7. Blasted Lands

The Blasted Lands saw some interesting changes because the zone wasn’t affected by Deathwing. Instead, its shifts came from the work of the war between the Horde and Alliance. Additionally, the Worgen worked to revitalize part of the zone into a forest. The greenery is a welcome change compared to the desert-like landscape from before.

6. Azshara

Azshara’s changes were due in large part to the Goblins joining the Horde. But the new map makes it more worthwhile to level in Azshara, whereas before it felt fairly pointless to travel there unless you wanted to find specific items. However, the Goblin quests tend to be on the silly side, making them difficult to take seriously.

5. Desolace

Desolace is another zone that saw positive changes instead of destruction. The zone is much more beautiful now, thanks to the work of Deathwing, surprisingly. The destruction of the Cataclysm broke the land in Desolace, allowing water to flow to the surface again. From here, the land was able to flourish and grow plants, making it lush rather than desolate.

4. Silverpine Forest

Silverpine Forest is the starting location for Worgen, which means there’s an entirely new questline that I thought was fun to go through. I love the Victorian vibes. Additionally, Sylvanas has her eyes on the Worgen, so now a lot more of the content in this zone is geared toward Alliance vs Horde. It’s a prime example of faction relations during Cataclysm, and the instancing makes it feel like you really have an impact in the zone as you go through the quests.

3. Westfall

Westfall’s changes are some of my personal favorites. The damage from Deathwing was less direct, and the zone was just hit by energy instead of destroyed by fire. This left some damage in the form of a large crater, but the zone saw other changes in the form of power shifts. Edwin’s death meant his daughter stepped up to lead the Defias Brotherhood. It’s a fun way to keep some familiarity but still progress the story of the zone.

2. Eastern Plaguelands

Both Plaguelands saw interesting changes, and not because of Deathwing either. When Cataclysm starts, the Lich King is dead. This means that the scourge is easier to deal with, and their presence is diminished or gone from certain places. In the new Eastern Plaguelands, we get to see a mix of remaining Scourge and the land trying to heal itself, looking more lush than ever before.

1. Western Plaguelands 

The idea that nature finds a way perfectly describes the changes that happened to Western Plaguelands. Like its counterpart — Eastern Plaguelands — the Cenarion Circle has been hard at work healing the land from the destruction that the Lich King’s plague brought. Now, there are farms that are able to function in a land that was covered in plague and death before. Again, it’s satisfying to see the world changing because of previous events that weren’t related to Deathwing. In this case, it was because of the Lich King’s death and the efforts of Druids.

That covers 10 WoW locations that Cataclysm made better. The expansion overall receives mixed reviews from players, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to appreciate some of the updates that came with it. From here, check out our WoW guide hub for more content!

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