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WoW SoD: How to Find Supply Officers in Classic: Season of Discovery

It's raining Waylaid Supplies! Where are the Supply Officers to turn them in?

Phase 1 of Season of Discovery is underway, and players are getting their hands on Waylaid Supplies. In this guide, I’ll touch on how to find Supply Officers in WoW Classic: SoD.

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Where Are Supply Officers in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery? Answered

If you’re looking up this topic, you’ve probably got some Waylaid Supplies in your inventory right now. You can either add the items it requests for a greater reward, or you can turn them in to a Supply Officer as-is for the default base reward.

Luckily, Supply Officers can be found all across Azeroth, from one end of Kalimdor to the far end of the Eastern Kingdoms. All you need to do is make your way to an Auction House and look for a neutral NPC.

The Supply Officers you’re looking for in Season of Discovery can be found right outside just about every Auction House in the game. I can’t confirm whether they’re found outside neutral auction houses, since I haven’t braved going out to Booty Bay just yet, but they can be found outside any faction Auction House.

How to Turn in Waylaid Supplies in Season of Discovery

The Orgrimmar Supply Officer in WoW: SoD.
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Supply Officers are neutral NPCs, at least to start. With your Waylaid Supplies in hand, just approach and interact with the Supply Officer outside your local Auction House to trade it in. If you have Waylaid Supplies in your inventory, they’ll have a blue question mark over their head. You can only have one bundle of Waylaid Supplies in your inventory at a time, so you have to decide whether you want to fulfill the goods order in full or turn it in earlier just to get another bundle.

And that answers how to find Supply Officers in WoW Classic: SoD. All those turn-ins will be worth it, but I can’t comment on whether it’s worth fulfilling the full Waylaid Supplies orders or not just yet. Check out some of our other WoW Classic: Season of Discovery guides here on GameSkinny.

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