X-Com: Enemy Within Enemy Guide: Seeker

The Seeker is the first of many new enemies in X-Com:Enemy Within.

The Seeker is the first of many new enemies in X-Com:Enemy Within.

The first new alien to discover is the Seeker. Only a few missions in you get to meet this guy face to face. It looks a little like the floating robots from The Matrix. He looks scary, but I’m here to make sure you can deal with him just fine.


1. Stealth – This guy has stealth. That awesome ability that only humans had with the Ghost armor from Enemy Unknown. You’ll see their spawn point and then they will  disappear. The next chance you will get to see them is when they sneak up for an attack. If you keep your squad on Overwatch, this shouldn’t be much of an issue. Overwatch gets to trigger right when they come out of stealth to attack. However, the soldier being attacked gets no response.


He just wants to give you a hug.

2. Strangle – He strangles your soldiers. As a melee attacker, it’s not a strong attack, usually dealing 2 damage when it latches on. The soldier that is strangled cannot attack, move or use any items until you do enough damage to the Seeker. With a shot or two, you can convince the Seeker to let go. This rarely happens because he is easy enough to kill with one or two shots. It only has five hit points.

3.Catching Breath – Even after you manage to make the Seeker detach, by damage or death, he leaves a lasting impression on the soldier he bear hugged. It’s a disadvantage called Catching Breath. The soldier loses 75% of their movement and 50% of their Aim until the next round of combat. It makes them pretty useless the round they are released, but the soldier can still use items, like the medpack, with no issues.

The only time these guys can become trouble is when you leave a soldier out on his own, like a sniper, with no support or you’re dealing with much bigger fish, like a Muton or Chryssalid in your face and the Seeker latches on to your most important gun. Overwatch is the way to deal with these guys. Later on, you’ll be able to develop a Genetic enhancement that can send out a pulse that reveals nearby stealthed enemies. He does have a ranged attack that is used rarely. It does 2-3 damage on a hit.

Autopsy Results:

The Seeker is the gateway to the first few technologies you can access with the new MELD resource. He gives you a load of new items and facilities and is well worth the autopsy.

  • Respirator Implant – an item that makes your soldiers immune to poison
  • Ghost Grenade – a grenade that gives all your soldiers in its AOE stealth. It can be disrupted by gunfire.
  • Mimetic Skin – A Gene implant that can give your soldier stealth whenever he stays behind cover and doesn’t run directly through an enemy’s line of sight.

Interrogation Results:

You can’t capture these guys, since they are completely robotic.

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