Xenoblade Chronicles White Eduardo Location: How to Find and Beat It

Here's how to complete the Xenoblade Chronicles White Eduardo quest, including where to find the beast and how to defeat it.

Here's how to complete the Xenoblade Chronicles White Eduardo quest, including where to find the beast and how to defeat it.

Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition includes many side quests, with some requiring you to take down unique monsters. One such quest you will encounter early on is Challenge 1 — Part 1 in the Refugee Quest on the Bionis Leg. You’re tasked with taking down the Xenoblade Chronicles White Eduardo, a unique Brog-type creature.

Here’s everything you need to know about where to find White Eduardo and how to beat it.

Xenoblade Chronicles White Eduardo Guide

Xenoblade Chronicles thunderstorm signalling White Eduardo.

You will get the Challenge 1 — Part 1 quest from one of the refugees in the woods outside the Refugee Camp. It’s important to point out that Challenge 1 — Part 1 is a timed quest; it expires when the refugees relocate.

There are two ways to trigger this relocation. The first is by progressing further in the story, so try to finish it before heading to the Mechonis. The second is finishing the quest “The Road Home,” which becomes available after you clear Satorl Marsh.

Once you activate Challenge 1 — Part 1, you will get a short description of where to find White Eduardo.

Xenoblade Chronicles White Eduardo Location

White Eduardo lives on an island north of the bridge covering Raguel Lake. It’s the area with the big mushroom-looking platforms on the lower map level of the Bionis Leg central portion.

White Eduardo only appears during thunderstorms  thunder, lightning, and rain. We’ve detailed how to change the weather to generate a Xenoblade Chronicles thunderstorm here.

Go to the island and activate a thunderstorm. Now start looking for White Eduardo, which should be with a bunch of other Brogs. White Eduardo is Level 17, so it shouldn’t pose much of a challenge. If you can’t handle it with just Shulk and Reyn, advance a bit further in the story until Sharla joins up to give you an extra edge.

After that, take advantage of Shulk’s Air Slash and Side Slit to debuff White Eduardo. Air Slash is a good choice for reducing its speed, which means White Eduardo’s attacks won’t hit as often. 

Throw in Stream Edge if you want Reyn to Topple the monster as well. It will probably take a while, since all unique monsters are basically damage sponges. But persevere, and you’ll see it through!

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And that’s all you need to know about the Xenoblade Chronicles White Eduardo quest. Your rewards for beating it aren’t anything astounding — gold and experience, as usual — but if you’re aiming to max out affinity and reputation, it’s a quest worth the time.

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