Check this guide out for all the info on Soul Voices in Xenoblade Chronicles X!

Xenoblade Chronicles X Soul Voice Details and Quick Reference Guide

Check this guide out for all the info on Soul Voices in Xenoblade Chronicles X!

Soul Voices in Xenoblade Chronicles X can help turn a losing battle into a winning one. It takes timing and a little strategy, but it helps greatly when you get it down. Even if the effects of the specific Soul Voice don’t help much, the healing that they all do will.

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There is a lot you can do with your character’s Soul Voices that are not clear while playing. I’ll help by explaining the different types of Soul Voices possible and how to trigger them. For more battle info, check out my Combat Tips.

This guide will go over Soul Voices in Xenoblade Chronicles X including:

  • Soul Voice Basics – What Soul Voices are and how they work.
  • Soul Voice Details – Each type of Soul Voice and how to trigger them.

Soul Voice Basics

Soul Voices are commands the characters shout during battle with a certain color. The color that comes on screen is the type of art you need to use to answer the Soul Voice. So if you see an orange Soul Voice, use a melee art.

Throughout the fight, sometimes you must do a Soul Challenge when your Soul Voice activates. When you see “B” surrounded by circles, press B at the right time to complete it. If you get it in the blue, you get “Good”. If you get it in the white, you get “Perfect”. Perfect gives a TP bonus.

Answering party members’ Soul Voices and Soul Challenges grant bonus effects, damage, and they always heal. Always try to answer a Soul Voice when they come up because they make the battle so much easier.

You can change your character’s Soul Voices by going to the Soul Voice menu. You cannot change other members’ soul voices.

Since the voices vary, it is a good idea to get as many of the 5 different types of Arts as you can. It is also a good idea to save them during battle for when a Soul Voice activates.

Soul Voice Details

There are 32 different types of soul voices. Your character can use 16 of these at one time. The last 4 are custom, which means you can change the type. I’ll list them and how to trigger them.

All triggers are just a chance to activate. There are abilities you can get on weapons and armor that increase the chance to activate certain Soul Voices. Check out my Armor Augment Quick Reference Guide for more details.

  • Draw Melee – Character starts battle by drawing a melee weapon.
    • You can also activate this after combat starts by putting your weapon away with “B”, then taking it back out with “A”.
  • Draw Ranged – Character starts battle by drawing a ranged weapon.
    • Works just like melee and can be triggered after battle starts.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Soul Voice

  • Opening Art – Character starts a battle by performing an Art.
  • HP Risk – Character’s HP falls below 60%.
  • HP Peril – Character’s HP falls below 30%.
  • Last Words – Character becomes incapacitated.
  • Heavy Hitter – Character lands a critical hit on the enemy.
  • Dismember – Character attacks and destroys an enemy appendage.
  • Underdog – Character halves the HP of a much larger enemy.
  • Artful Execution – Character successfully uses an Art’s special effect.
  • Aura Ready – Character activates an aura using an Art.
  • Activate Overdrive – Character activates Overdrive.
Custom Soul Voices

The last 4 Soul Voice types for your character can be changed. There are 16 different custom Soul Voice options.

  • Finishing Blow – Character delivers the finishing blow to an enemy.
  • Untouchable – Character evades 3 consecutive enemy attacks.
  • Critical Combination – Character lands 3 consecutive critical hits.
  • Wayward Weather – Character witnesses a change in weather during combat.
  • Sprinter – Character sprints for 3 or more seconds.
  • Medicine Man – Character gets healed/buffed by a male ally.
  • Medicine Woman – Character gets healed/buffed by a female ally.
  • Daredevil – Character attacks with an art while HP is below 30%.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Custom Soul Voices

  • Higher Ground – Character attacks an enemy from above.
  • Toppler – Character inflicts Topple on an enemy.
  • Stunner – Character inflicts Stun on an enemy.
  • Sandman – Character inflicts Sleep on the enemy.
  • Binder – Character uses a Skell to Bind an enemy.
  • Skell Crush – Appendage of character’s Skell is destroyed.
  • Wrecked Skell – Character’s Skell is destroyed and removed from combat.
  • Running on Empty – Fuel of character’s Skell falls below 30% in combat.

That’s it for my Soul Voice Details and Reference Guide for Xenoblade Chronicles X. Let me know if you have any questions! Please visit my Beginner tips and tricks for more help with the game.

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