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A simple guide for a simple task: Finding all of Yakuza Kiwami's coin locker keys.

Yakuza Kiwami Coin Locker Key Locations & Locker Contents

A simple guide for a simple task: Finding all of Yakuza Kiwami's coin locker keys.
This article is over 6 years old and may contain outdated information

Finding coin locker keys is definitely not the most interesting or fun part of playing Yakuza Kiwami, but players that take the time to seek them out and pay a visit to the coin lockers on Taihei Boulevard will be handsomely rewarded with a slew of items.

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Plenty of weapons, armor, accessories, and valuable items come from the game’s 50 coin lockers, but the real draw is the gambling cheat items — of which there are several.

Those who played Yakuza 5 may remember how complicated it was to find some coin locker keys throughout the game’s several areas. Here in Kiwami, finding the keys is a much more simple affair. There is not a single key that requires you to go into first-person mode to find it — but a number of keys are locked by chapter requirements and some are tied to sub stores.

So first things first: Below is the Kamurocho map with all the coin locker key locations marked for you. The coin lockers themselves are located where the player arrow is located on Taihei Boulevard.

Check out below the map for locker contents, chapter locks, and keys not marked on the map.

There are a few key locations not marked on the above map. These are:

  • B5 – In the Underground Red-light District
  • I4 – In Purgatory
  • J4 – In the Japanese-style gambling parlor

They’re marked with asterisks in the below list just for clarification purposes.

A1 (Chapter 2+; on the ground)
Medieval Silver Coin – Meant to be sold

A2 (Chapter 4+; on the ground)
Buddhist Statue – Meant to be sold

A3 (Chapter 4+; on the ground)
Dinosaur Fossil – Meant to be sold

A4 (Chapter 4+; on the ground)
Clay Figurine – Meant to be sold

A5 (Chapter 4+; inside Debolah on the dance floor)
Meteor Fragment – Meant to be sold

B1 (Chapter 4+; on the ground next to the coin lockers)
Sacrifice Stone – Accessory

B2 (Chapter 2+; on the ground)
Brass Knuckles – Weapon

B3 (Chapter 4+; on the ground)
Scotch Whisky – Alcohol

B4 (Chapter 4+; on the ground)
All Ones Charm – Item for use in cee-lo

B5* (Chapter 5+; inside the Underground Red-light District)
Medieval Painting – Meant to be sold

C1 (Chapter 5+; finish sub story 42)
Dagger – Weapon

C2 (Chapter 4+; on the ground)
Dagger – Weapon

C3 (Chapter 2+; on the ground)
1-2-3 Gum – Item used in cee-lo

C4 (Chapter 4+; on the ground)
Trips Yokan – Item used in cee-lo or oichi-kabu

C5 (Chapter 2+; down a stairwell next to the Todo Building)
Staminan Spark – Restorative item

D1 (Chapter 4+; on the ground)
Binding – Armor

D2 (Chapter 4+; on the ground)
Bloody Binding – Armor

D3 (Chapter 4+; inside Yoshida Batting Center next to the arcade machines)
Fighter’s Binding – Armor

D4 (Chapter 4+; on the ground)
Metal Jacket – Armor

D5 (Chapter 4+; inside Shoten)
Springy Arm Guards – Accessory

E1 (Chapter 2+; behind Serena)
Gentleman’s Umbrella – Weapon

E2 (Chapter 4+; on the ground)
Tauriner Maximum – Restorative item

E3 (Chapter 4+; on the ground)
Piss Mountain Stone – Item used in cee-lo

E4 (Chapter 4+; on the ground)
Even Goro’s Beads – Item used in cho-han

E5 (Chapter 4+; on the ground)
Cool Striker – Pocket Circuit racer

F1 (Chapter 4+; on the ground)
Golden Blackjack – Weapon

F2 (Chapter 4+; on the ground)
Repair Kit – Can be used to repair weapons

F3 (Chapter 4+; on the ground)
Lopsided Cigarette – Item used in cho-han

F4 (Chapter 4+; inside Orchid Palace Mahjong)
BANKER’S Piece – Item used in baccarat

F5 (Chapter 4+; inside Akashimaru, Taihei Boulevard)
Toughness Infinity – Restorative item

G1 (Chapter 4+; on the ground)
Blackjack – Weapon

G2 (Chapter 4+; on the ground)
PLAYER’S Piece – Item used in baccarat

G3 (Chapter 4+; inside Cafe Alps)
Blackjack Amulet – Item used in blackjack

G4 (Chapter 4+; inside Mach Bowl)
Bust Amulet – Item used in blackjack

G5 (Chapter 4+; on the ground)
Stone of Enduring – Accessory

H1 (Chapter 4+; on the ground)
Stun Gun – Weapon

H2 (Chapter 2+; on the ground)
Black Jewel – Item used in roulette

H3 (Chapter 4+; on the ground)
Royal Joker Card – Item used in poker

H4 (Chapter 4+; on the ground)
Lucky Hanafuda Card – Item used in koi-koi

H5 (Chapter 4+; inside Vincent)
Ruby Plate – Meant to be sold.

I1 (Chapter 4+; on the ground)
Zero Jewel – Item used in roulette

I2 (Chapter 2+; on the ground)
Lucky Tile – Item used in mahjong

I3 (Chapter 4+; finish sub story 23)
Modified Model Gun – Weapon

I4* (Chapter 5+; inside Purgatory (West Gate Park))
Marble Sphere – Meant to be sold

I5 (Chapter 4+; on the ground)
10-10-1 Charm – Item used in oicho-kabu

J1 (Chapter 4+; on the ground)
Metal Bat – Weapon

J2 (Chapter 4+; inside Pocket Curcuit)
Metal Frame – Pocket Curcuit part

J3 (Chapter 4+; on a thin stairway in front of Millennium Tower)
Give Up Piece – Item used in shogi

J4* (Chapter 7; on the floor in the Japanese gambling hall)
Diamond Plate – Meant to be sold

J5 (Chapter 6+; finish sub story 43)
Charismatic Photo – Accessory

The keys and their respective coin lockers are such a small part of the Kiwami, but anyone looking to either 100% the game or cheat their way through the game’s gambling halls needs to go through the effort to find Kamurocho’s lost keys.

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