Where are the Mollycools? You're going to find out with this guide.

Yooka-Laylee: Mollycool Locations Guide

Where are the Mollycools? You're going to find out with this guide.

There are seven types of collectibles in Yooka-Laylee (if counting the Ghost Writers all as one) and each of them has its uses. The Mollycool’s use is more direct than the others — granting a special transformation via Dr. Puzz’s D.N. Ray machine if you collect a world’s Mollycool.

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Each world’s transformation is different and opens up objectives or areas you wouldn’t be able to explore otherwise. Once you find a Mollycool, you have to make your way to the D.N. Ray to make use of it.

This guide has light spoilers due to the topic at hand. Some skills names are mentioned and there are images for each Mollycool found, but that’s the extent of what’s found here spoiler-wise. After all, part of what makes the game so fun is the adventure of it all.

Where to Find All Mollycools in Yooka-Laylee

Tribalstack Tropics

This world’s Mollycool can be found after you have expanded the world once and have the Sonar Shot skill.

Head to the dilapidated ruin that you found Trowser in and use your Sonar Shot on the sleeping totem nearby to reveal a hidden platform. Use the platform to go up to the next floor.

From here you should be able to look around and see a set of moving platforms drifting just outside of the structure. Use them to jump your way to the pillar with the Mollycool.

Mollycool not pictured, but this is the location

Glitterglaze Glacier

Like the other Mollycools, this one can’t be found until you have expanded the world once. You also need the Slurp Shot skill from Trowser in order to obtain it, which you should already have.

At the side of the lake opposite the world entrance, there are a few pillars/towers. Find the way up (pictured below) and talk to the signpost so you can take care of both getting the Mollycool and fulfilling his request in one go.

There are three primary towers up here. The one in the middle has the Mollycool, and the one furthest away has the bomb plant you need to eat to reveal it.

The least painful way to do this (if you haven’t gotten the very last free skill from Trowser) is to eat the bomb plant and not take any shortcuts in your short journey from one tower to the next.

Blow up the rocks and you’ve got yourself this world’s Mollycool.

Moodymaze Marsh

Yet again, you have expand this world at least once to be able to get this Mollycool. Not only that, but you need the Lizard Lash skill to open the area to obtain it.

Once you have Lizard Lash, you can do the objective where you have to push a set of buttons in order — with those buttons being on small platforms protected by bee enemies and poisonous water beneath. In case you’re not sure where this is, look near the area with the drifting logs.

The objective can be started by grabbing the crate behind the grate with your tongue and pulling it forward onto the button.

Once you’ve completed this objective, the poison in the water dissipates and you can swim below. The Mollycool is in a large container underwater here, which is easy enough to break open. Grab it and it’s yours.

Capital Cashino

This Mollycool may be the quickest to find without help, provided you’re playing with slot machines.

Find Dr. Puzz near the entrance (take a right at the coin counter, then a left) and then head toward the slot machine nearest her. The machine you need is the red one pictured below.

Match all three Yooka and Laylee tiles and you will be awarded the Mollycool to get this world’s transformation.

Galleon Galaxy

This one does not require the world be expanded before getting it, and is even a core part of exploring the first expansion.

After you’ve flown across the gap from the entrance, make a right and go all the way up the slope (and be careful not to roll into the electric barriers).

There’s a structure at the top with a Pagie inside that you should definitely get. But if you’re looking for the Mollycool, all you need to do is fly to the top of the structure from the outside and grab it.

It’s not pictured here, but it’s at the top of this structure.

That’s all of Yooka-Laylee‘s Mollycools covered! There’s a lot to find in the game and the Mollycools are definitely not the hardest but they are necessary to get every Pagie, unlike some others.

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